Why Homeopathy Is The Best Support For Urinary Troubles

Clients seeking help for urinary tract infections (UTI) often want a quick solution.  Sometimes we can recommend a remedy to support the urinary tract, over the counter. Often it is much more helpful if they come and have an in depth, constitutional consultation. This way, we can help to support the healthy functioning of their urinary system. Reducing the frequency of infection and making sure that they are not getting UTI’s in the first place is the goal.

I often hear people say that they usually use cranberry juice but that this time, it doesn’t seem to be working so well. My clients will mention other supplements that they are using such as D-mannose.

They use a variety of supplemental methods to manage the occurrence of cystitis. The key word I want you to recognize here is "manage". In the majority of cases, you shouldn't have to manage the repeated occurrence of cystitis. In a generally healthy person, it shouldn't be happening at all.

Three Ways Homeopathy Can Support The Urinary Tract

1. Support The Healthy Balance Of Bacteria

Cystitis is often caused by bacterial infections. Hormonal changes may cause changes in the urinary tract lining. A physical injury such as removal of a catheter may also be a cause. Often a doctor will do a quick test to check for bacterial infection. This test will often show the presence of harmful bacteria. Unless the sample is sent to the laboratory, the test is not specific about which bacteria is the culprit.

If you can, always insist on finding out what the particular bacteria is so that you can let your homeopath know. E.coli is often the one responsible but there are others too, such as Staphylococcus aureus. Traditional medication or supplements will ease the presenting symptoms and give immediate relief. The underlying bacterial imbalance that was the cause in the first place will remain. This is one of the reason's why a person will end up trying to manage their repeated cystitis.

Homeopaths can support the correct bacterial balance in the body directly via a nosode. A nosode is a homeopathic remedy made from a bacteria. Giving a nosode supports the functioning of a healthy microbiome.  The tendency for repeat bouts of symptoms related to that bacteria lessens or stops. Read more about bacterial imbalances here

2. Acute Prescribing For A Flare Up

Homeopaths have a range of remedies that are well indicated for flare up's of UTI's. Make sure that if you feel bladder trouble coming on that you talk to your homeopath as soon as you can. Here are some examples of the symptom pictures of common remedies I use in my clinic.

This remedy is the umbrella remedy in homeopathy. It is often recommended over the counter. It is a good one to try at the first sign that a UTI might be making an appearance. Its symptom picture includes burning and cutting pains. The burning and cutting pains can be present before, during and after urination.
There will be a constant urging to go and yet hardly any urine will flow. In fact, it may only be a few drops. The pain can extend to the kidneys.

Merc corrosivus
This remedy has been a gift in my clinic for some severe cases of UTI. Symptoms include intense burning in the urethra. There may be stabbing pains extending upwards through the urethra to the bladder. There will be a constant and painful urge to pass urine but nothing will come out.

There are many others that may support the healthy functioning of the urinary system. Please get the advice of your homeopath as soon as possible at the onset of symptoms. The key will be repeating the remedy often enough and long enough. A mistake clients make is stopping the remedy while the symptoms are still present. The symptoms are nearly all gone but not quite. Don't stop your remedy until all the symptoms have gone, otherwise, the UTI can flare up again.

3. Chronic Prescribing for Recurrent Cystitis

If you have recurrent problems with UTI's, book in for a chronic consultation with a homeopath. A homeopath will look at the much wider picture of your health. They will take your medical history, family history, stressors, and physical symptoms.

The inherited miasmatic (disease) history can underlie the weakness in the urinary tract. There are remedies that correspond to each miasm. In constitutional homeopathy, we are always taking into account the miasmatic influence.

Your response to emotional stressors in your life will play a part in choosing the right remedy. Ultimately the homeopath is wanting to get to the cause of why the symptoms come back. Even when it is bacterial in origin there is a reason that you are susceptible to that infection. 

Please don't muck around with a urinary infection that seems to be extending to the kidneys. Seek medical advice, especially if there is kidney involvement.

I have known family members who have had recurrent UTI's that their only option was surgery. In desperation, they turned to homeopathy. Their infections became further apart and less severe and then stopped completely. Don't just manage your symptoms. Cranberry juice and the like, can never address the underlying bacterial balance. Nor will it address an emotional trauma contributing to your susceptibility to cystitis. With homeopathic treatment, it may be possible to become completely free of UTI's. Isn't that what good health should be?