If you’re recently pregnant or planning to be, and looking for the best nutrition and wellbeing advice,

then VIBRANT MAMA is for you…..

Vibrant Mama comprises a series prenatal classes at each stage of pregnancy filled with nutritional information and health and wellbeing tips to keep you and baby in optimal health.

  • Healthier, more robust babies

    Our Vibrant Mama babies have received optimal nutrition during their development, and tend to have well-functioning immune systems and less acute ailments.

  • Written by Naturopaths and Homeopaths

    For expert and experienced advice

  • Calmer, more settled babies mean happier mummies!

    Our Vibrant Mama babies tend to be happier, more settled, calmer, and far more robust. This means an easier time for mum!

  • Enjoy the Support

    With class notes given after each class and membership to our private Vibrant Mama Facebook Group, empowering mums through birth and beyond!

  • Faster Recovery for Mum and Bubs after Birth

    Better health means better recovery, plus our last class covers remedies for you and baby at birth and for common ailments during those early weeks

  • Why Vibrant Mama?

    What mum eats, drinks, consumes, and environmental elements, plus both parent’s family and medical history can all impact on the health and wellbeing of baby. What’s best for mum is best for baby, and receiving the highest support in nutrition and wellbeing makes for sturdier, healthier, happier babies.

  • Our Passion…

    We love babies and know how important your health is from conception onwards for your baby’s health. We are passionate about supporting mums through pregnancy with nutrition and homeopathy, and about growing healthy, non-toxic babies.

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What Does the Course Contain?

There are 5 classes supporting mum and baby’s health through each stage of pregnancy….

  • Conception and The Early Days

    Your baby is already forming organs, and developing his nervous system, spine and brain. This class covers how to support baby as he grows at this time with superfoods and nutrition advice. Learn what to avoid, and discover great remedies for mum to get her through the first trimester. Start your new collection of super nutrition recipes and top health tips.

  • Second Trimester Support

    In this class, we look at why Mum’s bowel health is so important for baby, what her pH levels mean, and why you need adrenal support (and how to get it).

  • Growing Needs

    This class is aimed just before the end of the Second Trimester when baby’s nutritional needs are rapidly increasing, and covers how to support baby as she grows and is storing all the necessary minerals and vitamins she needs. Look at the signs of common mineral deficiencies and how to correct them.

  • The Countdown Is On

    Find out the natural remedies for uterus toning and supporting the liver, plus foods rich in Vitamin K, which is essential for blood-clotting in baby. Baby’s myelin sheath – the protective layer around the nervous system – is forming now, and nutritional support here is crucial.

  • Birth and Beyond

    Here we look at the most important remedies to have on hand during, before and after birth, and also the top remedies for common newborn ailments and how to use them.

Vibrant Mama Online Course


  • 5 online classes to support a vibrant pregnancy and your developing baby
  • One on one classes with Q&A
  • Written by Naturopaths and Homeopaths
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“I took the Vibrant Mama classes with my youngest son. I loved knowing that I was giving him the best start I could. I recovered quickly after birth and my son is bright, healthy and happy.”Martina Green