TMS (Tired Mummy Syndrome) Part 1

As I tiredly wipe my eyes I realise it’s 1pm and I haven’t eaten lunch, yet I have been on the run since my feet hit the floor this morning. I have cleaned, cooked, chauffeured, encouraged, debated, negotiated, taught, and coerced. I didn’t get to the bathroom until an hour after I actually got up, and only then with an infant attached to my leg. If I get a shower today I will consider it a bonus.

And yet, in the eyes of modern society, I have done nothing out of the ordinary. These days, being a mum is considered to be something we do alongside our other jobs, but not a job in it’s own right. It’s certainly a job like no other – the job description includes being required 24/7 without breaks, unpaid, no sick days or holidays, and where you have to pay someone else to have time off!

“…the effects of being a mum are harsh on the body…”

Motherhood is also the most rewarding, and by far the most important job in the world (shaping our next generation is no easy task!) but the effects of being a mum are harsh on the body. Exhaustion, fatigue, illness, mineral deficiencies, hormone imbalances are the results. Are you tired ALL the time since becoming a mum, and just wish for a break? Do you feel drained of everything you have? Do you feel like you’re always in demand but there’s never any time for you? You may love your kids more than anything else in the world, but you are not alone if you’re struggling with the day-to-day of keeping up with them.

Sometimes it’s that you’re wearing too many hats – wife, friend, accountant, cleaner, cook, personal assistant, household goods purchaser and any other actual paid job you are doing on top of trying to raise small beings to be fabulous amazing perfect adults. Always running and yet never getting it all done, feelings of inadequacy, guilt and failure can be a daily challenge.

Left alone, these feelings both emotional and physical can develop into chronic illnesses, hormone imbalances or depression and anxiety, and this is usually the point where mummies come to see me in my clinic.

You may have heard of remedies such as Sepia and Muriatic Acid, but there are many, many ‘Tired Mummy’ remedies to help ease and support you and your physical body. There are remedies made from hormones (more about that in Part 2) which can help restore imbalances. What is key to getting the right remedy is how you personally are struggling – whether you feel trapped or just want some time to yourself, or worried you’re feeling less maternal than you should. Maybe you’re always grouchy, or you’re constantly worried and fearful about the kids, or you just don’t feel good enough as a mother. You may have suffered postnatal depression after birth and are still coping with the after-effects. It may be that your menstrual cycle and hormones have been out of hand since pregnancy. There are so many reasons we need support, and thank goodness, homeopathy is there to lend a hand.

Lee-Anne and I know all about it, we have been Tired Mummies at times ourselves! But we have been lucky enough to have our ‘Tired Mummy’ remedies supporting us all the way so that we can continue to enjoy our passion for homeopathy and for supporting other mummies to get back into balance.

Mums make the world go around, it’s a fact. And if mum is struggling this can be so limiting for not only mum but the whole family. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but sadly these days most mums have nowhere near enough support, and some have none at all.

If you have any questions or want to talk about ‘TMS’ more with us and what homeopathy can do for you, give Lee-Anne or I a call or drop us an email.