Seeking Balance After Using Contraception? Our Homeopaths Top Tips To Regain Your Best Health

Are you seeking balance after contraception? I'm going to give you some tips on how we use homeopathy to regain your best health.

Approximately 12 million women in the United States are on the hormonal birth control pill, and women who are on the pill are 23 to 34 percent more likely to experience depression and take antidepressants. Adolescent girls in particular are more likely to experience depression when they take oral contraceptives.1

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If hormonal imbalance is not addressed by our Healing Haven homeopaths, women can suffer unnecessarily. Medications may prescribed such as antidepressants. Fertility issues requiring expensive and stressful conventional interventions may occur. Other physical symptoms may show in other systems of the body that we don't expect. Woman lose their connection with their natural rhythms.

A Healing Haven homeopath has many homeopathic remedies to support after starting contraception. In my clinic I often help support client's seeking balance after contraception intervention. Our homeopaths always focus on the root causes affecting your best health on all levels. This may avoid the unnecessary use of extra medications while maintaining balance.

With Homeopathy, we are not a victim to our hormones. We actually have it in our power to find a better balance.
Lee-Anne McCall

If you are seeking balance after contraception, read on to find out our tips on how our homeopaths can best support your journey.

#1: Homeopathy Supports Balance During the Settling In Time After Starting Contraceptives

I often get adolescent girls in my clinic who are having some difficulties soon after starting the oral contraceptive. This can be changes in mood, energy levels or physical symptoms. They tell me that they have been told to expect this for the first 2-3 months.

It can be very disruptive to their lives. It doesn't help if they are in the middle of high school academic or relationship pressures.

Generally, I will take their entire symptoms. I seek to prescribe a constitutional remedy to best support balance. The healthy balance of estrogen and progesterone can be supported here. Often a low potency remedy is useful in this circumstance.

When the remedy is right, the girls will experience balance quicker than the 3 month mark. They will be more even in their mood and physical symptoms will settle.

#2: Your Menstrual Flow Needs To...well....Flow!

In some cases, contraceptive medication's purpose is to stop the flow completely. An example is endometriosis where they are trying to prevent worsening over time.

If you do not need this, then the suppression of the menstrual flow may have other health effects in the body. Our homeopaths are always trying to find the influence that has caused a decline in health. We trace back the timeline of events with the client. They realise that they had started a form of contraception or that their periods had completely disappeared, before their health issues started.

Often I am met with disbelief that this could be a causative factor in their health troubles. Homeopaths consider that discharges from the body are healthy. Our philosophy and experience shows that when suppressed, health can become compromised.

Stopping your period may not be very healthy for your body. If this occurs then I know that the remedy I give to my client must support correct hormonal health.

#3: Homeopathy Supports Healthy Functioning Of Fertility After Finishing Contraceptives

It's a highlight when a client who has been struggling with infertility conceives. It has become so common that woman are having their families later in life. Unfortunately, we begin entering perimenopause as early as 35 years old. With declining hormones, it can become more difficult to get pregnant.

After years or decades of contraceptive use and suppression of the period, it can take a while for the body to start being fertile again.

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If you are wanting to have a baby and you are finishing contraceptives, then please connect with one of our homeopaths so we can support your reproductive health to be the best it can be.

#4: Sometimes Your Body Is Having A Reaction To The Materials Used In Your Contraceptive Device

I have had clients in my clinic react to the copper of the copper IUD. Often they have put up with their symptoms. They have not realised that the copper is not aligning with their body health.

When I take their symptoms and analyse it in my homeopathic software I can see when this might be the case. The remedy made from copper will be prominent in their results of the analysis. This tells me its very likely that this may not be the best form of contraception for them. They may not find relief until they have it removed.

I have also had clients with health problems that started after they had a hormonal IUD inserted. This is very common as the progesterone release does change the balance of hormones. In some woman this can become more intense the longer that they have the IUD in. I am successful in helping maintain a healthy hormone balance with homeopathy in many of these cases. In some, it becomes an obstacle to health as it continues to release the hormones causing the imbalance.

I have had two clients who have had severe reactions to the medical silicone in their IUD device. I picked this up because they had severe neurological symptoms develop. The remedies that they kept needing were various forms of silica. After doing some research I found other cases of medical silicone reactions affecting the nervous system. I could help ease the symptoms but not totally clear them until the device was removed. Then true healing could begin.

One of these woman was on strong medication unnecessarily as her body was having a reaction to the medical silicone.

#5: Contraceptive Medications Can Predispose You To Candida Which Can Impact Fertility And Digestive Health

The flora in the digestive tract is a delicate balance. Our microbiome is affected by toxins, foods, infections, medications and stress. The healthier your microbiome is, the better your immunity is. Contraceptives can have an impact on the balance of bacteria in the digestive tract.

If the microbiome is imbalanced, then Candida can overgrow. In my clinic I see woman who have been on low sugar diets for years to control their candida symptoms. One of the remedies that we use is made from estrone (a milder form of estrogen). It is indicated to support a healthy balance when there are digestive symptoms of a candida. These might include cravings for sugar and wheat. Weight gain, itching, bloating and digestive rumblings may be present.

Candida imbalance may affect fertility by changing the consistency and amount of leukorrhea. Leukorrhea is our natural vaginal discharges. Depending where we are in our cycle it will change it's consistency. Around ovulation it tends to be more viscid and more of it. This provides the best environment for sperm to climb to find the ovum.

Clients suffering infertility with a candida imbalance may have little to no leukorrhea. Their leukorrhea may also be copious and thin or acrid. Your reproductive system may be working well but still be infertile. The right consistency of leukorrhea gives the best chance for the sperm to fertilize the ovum. We have specific homeopathic remedies that support the health balance of leukorrhea.

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