Thrush – the Candida Microbiome

Thrush – it’s a common problem in our clinics. Candida albicans exists in our systems naturally, but imbalance in the body can cause overgrowth of these little organisms and promote a whole host of issues, least of all the uncomfortable itching.

Candida is a sign that the body is out of balance, whether it be from antibiotics or a stress, trauma or injury which has disrupted the system. Candida lives off sugars, which is why if you have thrush you’ll be craving sweets and carbs, and cutting out sugar in the diet can go a long way to getting the situation under control, but won’t get to the underlying susceptibility.

Stick out your tongue. Is it covered in white? This is an indication that there is an overgrowth of Candida in your system, even if you’re not suffering from the tell-tale below itch. This organism lives throughout our digestive system, and the mouth, being the top of this system, is a good indication of what is going on lower down.

Research has implicated Candida overgrowth as attributing to autoimmune disorders such as Celiacs, and even cancer. More and more is being discovered about microbiomes, the organisms that populate us and our digestive systems, and their huge role in our immunity.

Low-potency remedies such as Saccharum (the sugar remedy) or Borax, or even the Candida nosode may sometimes be all that is needed to put these organisms back into balance, but if thrush is an ongoing issue for you, then talk to Lee-Anne or I about a constitutional consultation.