Three Reasons Homeopaths Need To Be Curious During Your Consultation

Passionately curious is how you should experience your homeopath during your consultation. Homeopaths need to get inside your shoes. They need to find out how the world impacts you and your response to it. Not only that, they must find out what is unique and different about that to another person the same age and gender. They way they do that is to carefully understand your symptoms and how they are presenting.

The Hunt For The Strange, Rare and Peculiar Symptom

Clients often come to the homeopath's office because they have tried everything else. I wish it wasn't so because it can inhibit the outcomes for the person when a disease process has become chronic.
New clients will start their consultation with the name of their diagnosis. Their diagnosis is a set of common symptoms they share with other people who have that diagnosis.
A homeopath wants to find how those symptoms differ to others with the same condition. To do this we will ask about each of your symptoms in great detail. Nothing is too small to bring to light. I had one client tell me that she felt her nausea in her ear. Another told me about the bubbling sensations in her abdomen. One persons sleeplessness is only after they wake in the night, while another's is before two am.
Symptoms that another type of clinician may dismiss are exactly what interests us.

The Same Word Means Different Things To Each Of Us

Language can be very subjective. When someone is describing their symptoms we seek to confirm that they mean what we think it means.
The homeopath will ask the client to expand on their symptoms so that we can be accurate when we analyze the case. A client may say that they feel trapped in a situation. As we explore that, it becomes clear that they feel oppressed by the deadlines bearing down on them.
With back pain, for example, they may say it is sore but as we explore that sensation, it is actually a gnawing pain.
It is important for the homeopath to discover what you exactly mean. All remedies have differing sensations and experiences. The trick to matching the right remedy to you is to understand your words.

Walking In Your Shoes

Our homeopaths must understand what it is like to walk in your shoes. How you are perceiving the world and your response to it is key to a homeopath.
It reveals any unconscious belief systems that might not be serving you anymore. Often these form during childhood from authority figures surrounding us. Repeated experiences may affirm the development of these belief systems. When we are still operating from erroneous beliefs as an adult, it will cause stress and discord.
These belief systems may have been the child's way of surviving. As an adult those same belief systems may prevent you from thriving.
We must understand exactly your interpretation of your experiences in the world. That way we can understand your unconscious belief systems that are holding you back. The well prescribed remedy will support you while you are developing new beliefs.

Matching the Remedy To Your Symptom Picture

The homeopath's curiosity does not stop with you. We must also take into account your family disease history. Trauma experienced by your ancestor's influence us. The homeopath will explore your medical history. This may include what happened to your mother during her pregnancy with you.
Your homeopath should be curious with a passion when taking your symptom picture. The choice of your remedy depends on how clearly they understand where the source of your disease is.
We are such complex characters, this can be across the mental, emotional or physical. And perhaps all three.

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