The Season of Winter: Homeopathic Support For Healthy Functioning

 I thought it time to weigh in how homeopathy can support your healthy functioning. 
I'm going to take the opportunity to discuss one of the main principles of homeopathy.
Law of Similars
How do we choose a remedy to support one's health? We look for the similar symptom picture amongst the remedies we have available. The remedy most like the presenting symptoms, will support the body in healthy functioning.
The Law of Similars in action.
Homeopathy may be used alongside other supplements.
With that in mind let's explore the remedies that you should have on hand to support your health this season. We will look at each symptom picture so you can get to know the remedies in your kit.
Anas Barb 200c
French Physician, Joseph Roy, discovered and developed this product last century. 
The Anas barb remedy today is made from the liver of a muscovy duck. 
It may support the healthy functioning of the body during the winter season.
This remedy has worry and restlessness as it's keynote symptom. 
The symptom picture of Arsenicum will have great worry and restlessness at first. It will progress to a feeling of  weakness and lethargy. The symptoms feel worse between 12-2 am/pm.
This remedy's symptom picture in the Materia Medica  will have a feeling of weakness and dizziness. The legs will tremble with this feeling of weakness and there can be muscle discomfort in the lower back. Eyes will become so very heavy, wanting to shut.
In this remedy's symptom picture the mucus membranes will feel very dry. Bryonia is often known as 'dryonia'. Thirst will not be able to be quenched for a few days.
These remedies are a small example of the remedies we have available to support the body. There are many more. These are the remedies I will be having on hand to support my family this winter. It is always a good idea to form a relationship with your homeopath. They will be able to help manage your remedies during the winter months. They will also be able to advise on frequency and potency.
Please understand that if you feel unwell you should always go to your doctor