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We just love helping others and contributing to making a difference in our client’s lives.  Here is a selection of the feedback we get on a regular basis…

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My Grandchildren will not take over the counter medication and respond to homeopathics quickly with very positive results.
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I have known Lee-Anne for 3 years now and 2 years ago I was in deep depression unaware that my thyroid was under-functioning. Lee-Anne almost immediately recognised this as I told her my symptoms. After seeing Lee-Anne,  I could feel my energy lifting and the depression easing. I am very grateful for homeopathic remedies.

– Bev

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I Thought He Was Just A Really Full On Toddler!

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After trying, testing (and failing) all different kinds of foods to get to the source of what I thought was ezcema on my 2 year olds face, I finally went to see Lee-Anne at The Healing Haven (she came highly recommended). She gave my little boy several different remedies over a few weeks, the response from him was extraordinary!! He was really out of sorts in many ways before we saw Lee-Anne, with tummy, skin and behaviour issues (which I thought he was just a really full on toddler). Now he is a sweet, caring (and cheeky) little boy, with a delightful and fun temperament with beautiful bright clear skin and sparkling eyes. I can’t thank Lee-Anne enough for what she has done for our little boy!

– Shannon

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As A Mother To Be…

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I attended the Healing Havens Pregnancy ‘Vibrant Mama’ Group the main agenda being nutrition. I highly recommend these sessions. It was educational, informative and empowering. I left feeling inspired and enriched with advice to provide both my baby and me with the right foods supplements, herbs and teas to continue our pregnancy journey. Was also great to way to meet other mums to be and swap and share stories and ideas. Will definitely be at the follow up sessions.

– Shelley