Homeopathy for Grief and Emotional Trauma

  nything we have had an attachment to that is no longer in our lives or has sharply changed in form can bring up deep feelings of grief.  This could be the death of a loved one, the loss of a relationship once held dear or even the loss of finances and possession. Think of the child who is keenly feeling the absence of one of their parents after a separation.  Grief can manifest as sadness, irritability, anxiety or disturbed sleep and if we don’t have the opportunity to move through it completely it can stay with us, influencing our …

Oh! The Pain of Teething!

t’s heartbreaking seeing a little one go through the pain of getting their first teeth.  Not all babies experience pain with their teething but for some it can be akin to a nightmare…endless days of dribbling, irritation and broken sleeps.  Of course, that doesn’t even begin to describe what poor old mum goes through having to nurse baby through their discomfort. The right remedy will quickly take the pain away, lift and calm baby’s mood and help them sleep.