n homeopathy we link certain familial disease history with the individual’s tendency to respond to stress both physically and emotionally.  Over the centuries, different diseases have held prevalence over the population and therefore influenced them in certain ways.  An example of this is the scourge of Tuberculosis around the nineteenth century.  If we see an ancestor who has had been in contact with Tuburculosis then almost certainly we see an increase of asthma, tonsillitis and allergies in the following generations. The current disease of our time seems to be Cancer.  Just the word ‘cancer’ can fill people with fear …

Similia Similibus Curentur

omeopathy works on a law which is similia similibus curentur and it means like cures like. Dr. Hahnemann worked very hard to find an alternative system of medicine. Before he could reach the law of similars, he experimented with many laws and pathys like isopathy which worked on the principle same cures same and antipathy that worked on the basis that medicine having opposite symptoms to the disease would cure. Finally he declared homeopathy as a system of medicine working on principle like cure like.