Common Homeopathic Remedies For Fevers

Fever serves a purpose in the body. It’s the natural response from the immune system to burn off infection. If you support the body during fevers with homeopathy often the disease that follows on is milder, whether that is the common cold or a childhood disease like chickenpox. Problems begin to occur when anxious parents mistakenly see fever as the enemy and they seek to work in opposition to the body’s fever response with strong chemical drug formulations designed to suppress the fever response. These anti pyretic formulations might be useful if the fever is threatening to spike over 40 …

Naturopathic & Home First Aid in Fevers

  elcome to our first naturopathic blog article on The Healing Haven’s naturopathic blog page!! Our first topic is fevers! Here below are a few home naturopathic tips and herbs that can help support and ease yourself or your child through the often stressful process of a fever.