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Lee-Anne McCall - Homeopath

When my little girl was born I made the personal choice not to vaccinate but was scared witless about what to do in case she became ill with any of the childhood diseases. I was told at the time that homeopathy might be helpful and although I had had a wonderful journey to physical health through this modality as a teenager, the information that I needed was not easily accesible and there was not a homeopath close to where I lived. I overcame my fear by breastfeeding and not going anywhere too far from home for the first year!

However I chose to start training as a homeopath when my daughter was 1 year, as I had found her homeopathic teething remedy absolutely invaluable for relieving her distress and pain, and consequently making my life as a solo mum much easier and less stressful.

The Experiment Begins

During my training, over the next four years, I experimented a lot on myself and my daughter, particularly as she developed many high fevers and had the typical childhood illnesses of chickenpox and measles. I found that she sailed through these events easily and comfortably with no complications. Very rarely was Pamol required and I think she had antibiotics once due to her very weak chest and at the time as a homeopathic student I was momentarily stumped with how to treat her. However over the four years of my training she went from getting coughs at the drop of a hat to becoming strong and vital with the ability for a sniffle to just be a sniffle and not full blown asthma or bronchitis. My GP at the time said to me that if I had not treated her homeopathically then by the age of 4, she would definitely have been on asthma inhalers.
I am passionate about educating parents and individuals on how to easily use some of the more common remedies at homeLee-Anne McCall

Inspiration Behind The Homeopathic Dispensary

Upon graduation it seemed important to share with others how empowering it is to use homeopathy in the home to keep your family happy and well.

I wanted to educate parents and individuals how to use some of the more common remedies easily. I had seen nearly instant responses to homeopathic treatments amongst my family and friends and I believe a homeopathic first aid kit has a place in every home. I also wanted to make the information as accessible as possible.

Hence the idea to open a clinic and dispensary so that people can drop by and gather info, gain advice and learn about all things homeopathic. I wanted to have a wide selection of remedies easily available with fabulous advice, help and support.

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