Katia Murdoch

 Acute Prescriber | Tauranga
Healing Haven Homies Community Manager

In my late teens, I remember attending my first yoga class. The deep sense of freedom that washed over me in savasana took me by surprise. It made me aware of how out of alignment I was at the time, and the deep search for my authentic self began.

I have always had a deep resonance for and joyful presence with children. Around the time I discovered yoga, I had finished my degree in teaching. I became aware that many children need support in a way that values the best version of themselves. I explored this further by attaining my Honours degree in Learning Support.

I discovered what was missing in nurturing a child's spiritual resonance in the world. The imbalanced focus on academia left the mental body overstimulated at a young age.

Deepening My Own Spiritual Resonance

Deepening my spiritual practice in Yoga, I took leave from teaching in the classroom. I set off for an adventure to the humble town of Dharmshala in India. Embedded in all facets of a Yogic lifestyle, my journey back to wholeness had begun.

Returning to South Africa as a qualified yoga teacher, I understood where my new path was guiding me. Not long after returning, I realised how much healing awaited me. I was more present and aware of how my body was asking for support.

The Beginning Of My Homeopathic Journey

My husband and I were playing with the idea of falling pregnant.

At that time I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I was told that I would not likely conceive without medical intervention. A family member recommended her homeopath to me.

For the first time in my life, I felt safe taking control of my body, health and well-being. I stopped the birth control pill and handed trust to my body that I would be shown what was needed next.

One month and one remedy later, I was expecting my first baby.

My children are by far my greatest teachers.

They arrived when I was ready to receive them and all their divine wisdom.
My journey as a mother has evolved my yoga practice. It has informed my bespoke teachings as a yoga teacher. I aim to support women and children in a fast-paced world. Together, we develop and embody grace, resiliency and strength. This led to the birth of New Earth Yoga, a calling for all women and children through all phases of life.
My qualifications and embodied experience have built my toolkit to support others. My strength is working one-on-one. I craft a safe framework to support my clients' needs which includes
  • Prenatal
  • Postnatal
  • Womb Yoga
  • Restorative
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Yin
  • Children's Yoga

The pace of my work allows time and space to find presence from within. From this interoceptive perspective, we can listen to the whispers of our bodies.

Embodied Presence 

When present, our observation skills are sharp, and we can hear the body's whispers.
An asana practice (physical poses) is only one aspect of yoga. The eight-limb path embodies everything from lifestyle to nutrition, meditation and more. It is a whole healing modality in itself. One of the limbs of Yoga teaches us the 'Yamas', one of which is 'Ahimsa', meaning non-harming.
This is the crossover with homeopathy. Both modalities advocate for gentle and safe support through the healing process. I hold these values in high regard and will always bring Ahimsa into the space I hold for another.
Change As A Constant
In 2017, my family and I moved to New Zealand. My first goal was to find a homeopath who practised full-time. Being a mom with two small children and no grandparents nearby for support, I needed someone available. This is when I found Lee-Anne McCall and the team at the Healing Haven.
The clinic has supported me and my family through the stress and grief of the last six years. We lost my brother and my mom both in very sudden and unexpected circumstances. Coupled with the complexity of immigration, the Healing Haven was a soft space to land, heal and grow.
In mid-2020, Lee-Anne created the Healing Haven Homies community online. I found the community a safe place to share, learn, and be supported by like-minded families. I sensed this community was different from the loud distraction of social media. It shines in its authenticity, meaningful learning, and genuine care for one another.
In June 2021, my mom fell suddenly ill, and I had no way of getting to her during lockdown. A series of unfortunate events led to her passing. The community provided a safe space to express my frustrations and grief. After her passing, I took a step back from the community and dived into a deep processing of the trauma.
Lee-Anne invited me to return to the community with an offer to take the role of Community Manager. Every bone in my body said YES!
Returning to the Homies was helpful for my continued healing. It made me aware of the supportive relationships I missed when I stepped out. Almost three years later, I still love my role in supporting others, as I felt supported when I needed it the most.

Becoming A Homeopath

Growing from strength to strength, I felt inspired to take my journey to the next level and study homeopathy.
I am now a qualified Acute Prescriber with the New Zealand College of Natural Health and Homeopathy. Under the mentorship of Lee-Anne, I am available to take acute cases in the Healing Haven clinic.
I am studying to become a fully qualified homeopath with the Academy of Homeopathy Education (AHE). By June 2026, I will be honoured to step into my purpose and passion as a homeopath.

As a homeopath, I am passionate about supporting families in their health and wellness goals. When working one-on-one, I hold space for the individual's unique constellation of symptoms to guide me to the remedy needed in that moment. When the energy of one family member shifts, it creates a ripple effect of harmony in the home.

Nurturing Mothers

In particular, my niche is working closely with mothers because they hold the epicentre of the family. My lifelong passion is to support, nurture and strengthen mothers to step into their most authentic and resilient versions of themselves. I believe that when we grow as individuals, we simultaneously create harmony in relationships with our loved ones and the wider community.

When all the odds were against me in falling pregnant, homeopathy opened the door to motherhood. My obvious next choice was to use homeopathy with my babies. Working with our homeopath, we have been able to navigate everything from asthma, recurring tonsilitis, measles, impetigo, developmental delays and so much more! The most empowering part of seeing a homeopath, is that you are guided and taught basic home prescribing skills. This enabled me to support myself and my family successfully and independently with the common pitfalls in life such as minor burns, colds, jetlag, sore throats, the many, many bumps and bruises of boys (!), and those unfortunate times when the children have overindulged at the birthday parties.

Using homeopathy in this way has either shortened the duration of whatever we were dealing with or has supported the shock that the body has undergone so that it does not manifest into anything deeper in time. This process has been the most empowering of all journeys as a mother, wife and fur-guardian. My fur babies have also been the lucky recipients of some nifty home prescribing in some pretty gruelling circumstances. One of my pup's is still here today after eating half a slab of dark chocolate! She lived to tell the tale and homeopathy's support in that process was crucial.

Being a home prescriber combined with seeing a homeopath for several years encouraged me to explore homeopathy's true healing potential. I have the utmost gratitude to my family for teaching me and guiding me to my passion of becoming a professional homeopath.

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