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After a number of years working in advertising and corporate environments, I was suffering from “stage three burn-out” and looking straight at a nervous breakdown. It had taken me a while, but finally I realised that stress was not my friend – I needed to change my lifestyle – and fast! It was the scariest thing I’d ever done, but I quit my job with nothing to go to and took some time out for myself.

It was during that 3 month summer break that I started to look at my life from a different angle, I started learning meditation and went to a Healer. I was broken to my core and realised that I needed to do things differently! And so my journey began. I embarked on a life-changing Diploma of Natural Healing Sciences where I studied Esoteric healing, meditation, flower essences and basic counselling skills. I came to realise that there was more to my life than money could buy and I set out to find out what that could be.

Discovering Homeopathy

On completion of this Diploma I travelled through India, Tibet and Nepal and it was during this time that I came face to face with a completely different experience of life.

I’d learnt the basics about Homeopathy before I left NZ and bought a Homeopathic Travel Kit to use on our travels. The number of times that kit helped me, my travelling companions and people we met along the way was eye-opening! From “Delhi belly” (actually Agra belly in my case), to a case of extreme toothache cleared up in less than 20 minutes in Tibet, I experienced the incredible healing power of Homeopathy.

One of the clearest examples was when we were driving from Nepal into Tibet. The journey was to take 5 days and the climb in altitude is 2,550 metres at points. As we ascended up to through the magnificent Himalayas it became evident that all 5 of us were feeling less and less magnificent!

We recognised the symptoms of altitude sickness – nausea, headaches, extreme fatigue, irritability – a bit like jet lag on steroids! So I consulted my Homeopathic Travel Kit and found to my relief there was a remedy matching those symptoms, out of the 5 of us 4 took the remedy and within a few hours we were back to our old selves!

The one woman who refused to try it, was so sick she and her companion had to be left for 2 days in a small roadside town until her body was able to cope with the altitude.

I now know firsthand how powerful and healing Homeopathy can be, and I’d love to assist you to find your state of ultimate health and lifestyle balanceJuliet Corowa

My Past And Future

On returning to New Zealand I took on studying Homeopathy, and I now hold a Diploma of Homeopathy (with Excellence) from the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy.

I love to travel and I don’t go anywhere without at least my basic Homeopathic travel kit (the same one I took to India and Tibet)! I find it invaluable for supporting everything from jet lag to countering the X-rays at the airport, from miscellaneous bites and stings to recovering from eating dodgy street vendor’s food in Bangkok!

Nowadays I’m a single mum with a wonderful, healthy daughter who has been raised with Homeopathy. She is vaccine free and rarely suffers from any illness more than a cold. It is one of my life missions to see a Homeopathic Kit in every home with healthy families who know exactly how to use the remedies to maximise their wellness.

I’ve successfully supported cases of morning sickness, cold sores, eczema & seizures and given relief for chicken pox, colds and coughs, influenza, menopause and PMS – to mention just a few!

My own health has been positively impacted in many ways including more balanced hormones, fewer illnesses, more energy, weight loss and – for the most part – a much healthier approach to the stresses of balancing studying, working and running a business with family life.

I now live in the central North Island in the beautiful town of Taupo and love skiing in winter (thank goodness for Arnica!) and hanging out by the lake in Summer (taking my Sol to combat those sun’s rays). I regularly practice and teach meditation (and hope to bring this to Taupo very soon), and enjoy practicing yoga and exploring this beautiful country I call home.

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