Jessie Coleman | Whangarei, Northland

Homeopath – DipHom (NZ) | Cease Therapist | QRA Practitioner
Jessie Coleman - Homeopath

When I was two years old I suffered reoccurring tonsillitis. My mother, frustrated and not wanting me to undergo surgery to have my tonsils removed, took me to a homeopath. I did not have tonsillitis again until my mid 20s, and once I began studying homeopathy I was able to clear this weakness once and for all.

I have always had an interest in natural health but chose to follow Homeopathy as a career path following the birth of my son, who was diagnosed at two months old with chronic eczema. Having been advised I could only hope to manage it with steroids and that he may grow out of it, I set about looking for a cure, trying everything and anything to relieve his discomfort. These days, he is a healthy happy boy, and only has mild patches of eczema appear around times of illness or teething. He is far better able to concentrate, sleeps soundly, and has gone from being allergic to most animals, peanuts, dust mites, grasses and pollens, to just horses.

A Vibrant Mama

Since joining the Healing Haven, I have given birth to another beautiful baby boy. During my pregnancy I took part in the Vibrant Mama Prenatal Classes we offer at the Healing Haven. My baby boy is calm, methodical and bright, reaching his milestones early. People constantly remark on how alert he is. We have chronic eczema and asthma on both sides of my family, and my main concern was he would suffer these. Although he has a tendency to eczema during teething, he seems to tolerate it and it is not severe. I credit the Vibrant Mama program as well as using Homeoprophylaxis as an alternative to vaccination for his lovely temperament, good health, and ability to focus.
It is my deep aspiration to help babies get the best start to life by supporting mum’s health through pregnancy and baby’s health on arrivalJessie Coleman

My Past And Future

Before retraining as a Homeopath, I worked for a highly reputed skin care company on and off for over 11 years, and had an international career in the legal industry as a Legal Executive. I have travelled to many countries, and have lived in Australia, London and Edinburgh, Scotland.

I graduated with Merit from the College, following which I began working at the Healing Haven, where working with the amazing Lee-Anne fast-forwarded my post-graduate experience and knowledge.

Today I love the homeopathic journey with my clients, and seeing remedy responses of any kind – from the instant acute relief to the profound deeply life-changing. Homeopathy is a modality for everyone, and I believe anyone can learn basic homeopathy and use it inexpensively to maintain health in their own home. I’m passionate about what we stand for at the Healing Haven, and about empowering mothers and families to take their health back into their own hands and maintain it from their own homes.

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