Naturopathic & Home First Aid in Fevers


W elcome to our first naturopathic blog article on The Healing Haven’s naturopathic blog page!! Our first topic is fevers! Here below are a few home naturopathic tips and herbs that can help support and ease yourself or your child through the often stressful process of a fever.

 A fever is the body’s response to infection. The infection stimulates the body to fight against the invading virus or bacteria by raising the body’s temperature. A fever is usually a healthy response in a person or child necessary for developing the immune system and to help incarnate the child into their body on a spiritual plane.

A healthy fever should not be suppressed, however it must be kept in consideration that fevers in children should be monitored and they may need to go to hospital if they become severely dehydrated or have convulsions with a high fever.

Warm Herbal Teas

Taking long frequent sips of herbal teas such as lime flower, boneset, elderflower, chamomile and yarrow can help alleviate and settle fevers. The herbs can be taken singly (elderflower or yarrow are especially good) or in combinations with each other, can also be put in with diluted juice if needed. Take as needed.

Lemon Juice

Take a whole lemon and wash, cut into thin slices ( with the skin,) add it to 3 cups of water and simmer in a pot, reducing it down to about one cup, strain through a sieve and drink . Lemon is cooling to the body. It helps reduce inflammation & feverish conditions.

Also a lemon footbath (squeezed lemon in warm water in a footbath, bucket or large bowl) can help ease the fever as it helps ground the person back into their body and allows the fever to travel down to the feet and out. This is especially good if the child or adult is very hot on the head or the torso (chest) and has cold extremities (hands and feet.)  If the fever comes down initially and spikes up again, which is common in the afternoon with young children, repeat the footbath as needed.


A pinch of cayenne powder in diluted juice or water helps promote perspiration, encourages the release of the fever via the body.


This oldie but goodie helps support and reduce a fever. Sponge the person over with tepid water and drink large amounts of cool water, this helps flush out any toxins and keeps you hydrated.

Barley water

Is also used as a kidney cleanser, tonic for fevers, sore throats, stomach and intestinal irritation and has the ability to strengthen your nails. Barley contains hordein which helps relieves asthma. To make the barley water place the 1 part pearl barley grain, 9 parts water in a pot , boil for 20 minutes, then strain and drink,. Can add lemon rind to sweeten and with honey if needed. Drink frequently.


Grapes or diluted grape juice. Grapes act as a kidney cleanser and increase the flow of urine. By increasing the flow of urine, toxins and waste are being removed efficiently by the body. Important to remember to keep hydration levels up with a fever.


 Brown rice cooked with lots of water. Strain and drink. This is a nutritious drink or broth which helps especially if there is no appetite, helps prevent dehydration, and is good for feverish conditions and also any inflammation of the lungs and bowels.

Herbal tinctures

A blend of echinacea, elderflower, yarrow, ginger or lime flowers can be of great use during a fever. Echinacea is anti inflammatory and immune enhancing amongst its numerous benefits! Is a great herb for any viral or bacterial infections. Elderflower is a good fever herb as it helps promote perspiration, is a wonderful antibacterial herb also good for catarrh, sinus and hay fever problems . Ginger is a great at increasing circulation within the body, is anti inflammatory and is good for easing nausea and vomiting. Lime flowers are a beautiful and gentle herb used for fevers due to it promoting perspiration also are effective in headaches and anxiety. Last but not least! is yarrow, a wonderful herb for helping treat fevers, good for stomach upset, loss of appetite and infections.

We have a full herbal dispensary here in the clinic and stock a wide range of herbs for various complaints. We can make up and individualize herbal tinctures to help and support you in your healing process as needed. Please feel free to contact us for any queries and advice or to book an appointment.

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