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Say Goodbye to Tears: Discovering the Best Homeopathy Solutions During Teething Pain

Are you tired of seeing your little one in pain and discomfort during teething? Say goodbye to tears and discover the best natural homeopathy teething remedies for your child. Teething is a milestone in your baby's development. It doesn't have to be a painful experience for them or you. Let's explore how homeopathy can support your child during this challenging time.

Homeopathy takes a holistic approach to teething pain. It supports the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of your child. Homeopathy uses natural remedies. It offers a non-toxic alternative to traditional medications. Whether it's swollen gums, irritability, restlessness, or sleep disturbances, homeopathy provides tailored solutions. Homeopathy will support your baby during discomfort and promote their health and well-being.

Join us as we uncover the best homeopathy remedies for teething pain. Let's learn how to make this phase more manageable and enjoyable for you and your little one. Let's bid farewell to tears and embrace a more natural and soothing approach to teething woes.

Understanding Dentition In Children

Teething is a natural process that occurs when your baby's first set of teeth begins to emerge through their gums. This can initially start around three months of age and continue until they are about two years old. While teething is a necessary part of your baby's development, it can also be a source of discomfort and pain.

Teething happens throughout the whole development of childhood. It's not only in the first two years of life. It occurs again with the arrival of the adult teeth at the six-year mark and continues until about 11 or 12 years old. At the later end of the teenage years, we also see the wisdom teeth come through.

Teething periods are about more than the physical teeth coming down. On a development level, teething is the child grounding into their body a little bit more. You will notice that they're becoming more present. Great leaps of development are happening at the same time mentally and emotionally.

This coincides with the teeth coming in. In babies, how do we see this incarnational presence develop? The development as a whole, is moving full steam ahead, or it should be. We also see these developmental fevers that can come with teething. When you support them with homeopathy, you will see a sudden jump in development on the other side of the fever.

Their speech might develop and they are speaking words when they had none before. If they had only one word at a time, now they are stringing two or three together in a sentence. If they were scribbling, now they're drawing trees and dolphins. Crawling might become standing, after a developmental fever that coincides with teething. We see these development changes after a teething fever supported by homeopathy.

Teething is actually about grounding into the body. Becoming more of who they are as part of their development process. So, it shows up in two different ways, in little ones, and older children.

child cheekily showing teeth

How Dentition Presents In Older Children

They're becoming more of who they really are. You see this in the 6-year-old. At the six-year-old phase, they start showing their little personalities a little bit more. They think that they know everything and you know nothing. Their little personalities begin to become clear.

Parents forget that children are teething from six years old up to eleven years old. I get children brought to me at six, where the parents tell me that they don't know who this child is anymore. They have got a completely different personality than what they had six months ago. It's because they are teething. They will be showing the best remedy to support their teething process. The right homeopathic remedy will help to ease extremes of behavior and quarrelsomeness.

Belladonna is a very common remedy at that age. They have little fevers after school. They are grumpy after school and belligerent. They may lash out physically. They may be in a belladonna remedy state. It doesn't occur to the parent that they are teething so they end up in my clinic.

Often they are teething. Upon inspection, they've got a red bulgy gum. A tooth is trying to push through. A nice confirmation of a belladonna remedy state. The remedy they need will be the one that matches the rest of their symptoms. Essentially, their constitutional remedy. Dentition is part of the bigger developmental picture. It is not separate.

The constitutional will be the best teething remedy. They don't often need pain relief. Sometimes they need a little bit of calc phos or a little bit of belladonna. Maybe some chamomilla if their mouth is quite sore. You don't get the dribbling and the pain that you get in the babies. That's why parents don't realize it's a connection to their state.

What you will get is growing pains in the legs. There is a big draw on minerals while they are growing and teething. They may not be assimilating the needed minerals from their diet very well. They may not be having enough in their diet. Growing pains can happen as the body needs more minerals during development. Many dentition remedies support the assimilation and absorption of minerals.

An example of when it is constitutional would be that there is a need for phosphorus because they're growing fast. Phosphorus aids the bone growth and calcium balance in the body. They may need extra phosphorus in their long bones and at the same time the dentition is slow. The teeth are not moving or coming through. It may be because there's something not quite right with the digestion. Phosphorus as a homeopathic remedy supports the whole symptom picture. The digestion improves, the growing pains ease and the teeth start to move again.

Little girls all go through that hormonal phase from eight to ten and they are teething. Often, girls teething remedies at this age are remedies that influence the hormones. An example is the remedy state of Sepia.

At 8 to 10 years old they are having hormonal changes. Their hips are widening, their breasts are developing, and they are full of estrogen. If they are in a sepia remedy state, their teething starts to become slow. This can look like teeth that are wobbly forever, and nothing else happening. Or it might be that the gap doesn't get filled with the adult tooth for weeks.

Meanwhile, they've got this sepia-type irritability. Their other physical symptoms also match sepia. If I give sepia and it matches their constitution, the body will come into balance. The teeth start falling out or coming through and teething progresses again. Teething in older children is constitutional. While it is much less painful, it is also tied in with their general development.

One of the most important questions in the consultation of a child between the ages of six and eleven is, "What are your teeth doing?".
If dentition has slowed down for months at a time with no change, then we call that slow dentition. It's a symptom with remedies associated with it. It could be that the teeth are wobbling forever or the gap remains and nothing comes through. When that happens it often means that something else is going on in their constitution too.

A well-prescribed remedy will support constitutional balance and the teething will continue again.  Many other symptoms including their temperament will improve.

Symptoms Influencing The Remedy Choice For Teething Pain

Teething is an extra stressor on the body. There will be other signs that the baby is having difficulty with teeth or development. These other symptoms in particular will often point us in the right direction of the best remedy. The remedy is prescribed on the whole symptom picture. So the correct remedy will also positively influence development in general. An example of this is when we see a child not sitting up yet or crawling and also having difficulty in teething. After the remedy, the child will often catch up very quickly with all developmental phases, sitting up, talking, or walking easily (if it is appropriate!).

Some of the symptoms we use to indicate the best remedy to support teething are:

  • Digestion: This includes bowel motion frequency and consistency, food desires and aversions and allergies, colic and flatulence.
  • Sleep: This includes the time of waking, difficulty in falling asleep, nightmares, sleep position and even whether they perspire or not.
  • Development: This includes if development is delayed.  Are they meeting their development milestones?  Is speech happening?  Are they sitting, crawling and walking at the right times?
  • Physical symptoms that are occuring at the time of dentition.  These may include ear infections, colds and coughs, growing pains, skin rashes or eczema.

Common Teething Remedies


This is very useful for easing the intensity of the nerve pain. When the symptoms match it's indications. Often baby will want to be carried and not put down. They will be capricious…that is, they will desire things and then not want them as soon as they are offered. They will be grizzly, irritable, and generally unsettled. A Chamomilla baby may have one red cheek and also will tend to loose stools that may be greeny and chopped. If your baby is constipated with teething this is not the best remedy, although it may relieve the pain. It will not hasten the baby’s teething and they still may seem to struggle for a while.

My daughter would become grizzly in the afternoon with teething pain. I would dose her throughout the afternoon and she would be able to sleep a little better in the night.  After each dose, her cheeks would be less red and she would be able to continue playing again.  If I did not dose her then she would wake frequently squealing in pain.


This remedy is made from rhubarb!  It will have an excoriated bottom because the stools seem to be quite acrid.  This remedy can smell sour. Their stools and perspiration will smell sour and in fact the whole child seems to have a sour smell.  They will perspire a lot, especially around the head.  Baby will be very impatient.  Think of when you eat uncooked rhubarb. It is very sour. Translate this into baby’s personality with teething pain. Combined with a raw bottom and you have the picture of this remedy exactly!  I don’t give this remedy often, but when it is needed, it works a charm.

Calcarea carbonicum

They will often be constipated.  Constipation in can be that they are not straining but that they are not going on a daily basis. Their teething is often delayed or else they seem to teeth forever. There can be loads of dribbling and discomfort for weeks or months, even before a tooth has emerged.  They will sweat on the head at night and have a ravenous appetite, especially for the bottle or milk.

The calcium is not being assimilated and used properly in the body for the teeth or development. In the extreme cases, these babies can lack strength and may be late in rolling or sitting or even standing and walking. After using Calc carb, these babies teeth can pop right through with a minimum of discomfort. Their appetite becomes more balanced. They strengthen up and start to sit or stand where they might not have been before.  Constipation eases.


Useful for teething pain when the tooth is making the gum bulge just before it breaks the surface.  They will be grumpy and unsettled.  Everything is worse at 3am or 3pm.  This can be a useful remedy to support a child who is having fever during dentition.

Mercurius sol

Useful when the baby is drooling excessively.  This is the child that never leaves home without a stockpile of bibs!  The baby may suffer with ear pain every time teething is ramping up.  Teething pain will be much worse at night.

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The right remedy supports baby during painful dentition. The process of the teeth emerging and the other systemic effects of teething such as constipation, earaches and excoriated bottoms can be milder. 

Of course there are many other remedies as well that can be prescribed and if you are not sure or cannot find the right remedy, contact our team and see one of our homeopaths.

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