My Thoughts On The Current Political Comments About Homeopathy and Ebola

Go Steffan Browning, Green MP!  Thank you so much for your statement letting the New Zealand public know that homeopathy has worked for your child.  Now that the conversation is opened, this is the time for more people who have experienced and benefitted from  the positive effects, even curative effects of homeopathy to come forward and state clearly that it has worked for them.  This is really important, now more than ever.  

First let me give you some background as to how the petition came to be and what the motivations are of homeopaths wanting to treat Ebola.  To understand the Green Party’s response to Steffan’s support of homeopathy, you need to understand how it is classed here in New Zealand and the laws and regulations around our remedies.  You also need to understand the recent law changes and why it is being attacked in the media and how certain ignorant people are encouraging this.  

Even so, the letter I wrote to Russel Norman and the response from his health spokesperson leaves me with no doubt that I have no body to represent me in this government.  And that should be a concern for everyone that wants access to homeopathic care.  I’m not going to get all conspiracy theorist on you, but once you have the information…once you know, you cannot go back to blissful ignorance.  If you have had a good experience with homeopathy then you we need your voice to come forward and join the thousands of New Zealanders who use and benefit from homeopathy.

Fran Sheffield and The Ebola Petition

Fran Sheffield is a very successful homeopath from Australia who specializes in the treatment of children with autism.  I have attended her seminars and have seen with my own eyes the video evidence from her clinic where children with severe autistic expression have been able to attend school and live a relatively normal existence after her treatment.  It is a powerful measure of the effects of homeopathy.

Recently Fran was taken to court in Australia for talking about the whooping cough vaccine on her website and  discussing the practice of homeoprophylaxis in relation to that.  Here are the details of that court experience directly from her website.  I won’t go over it here, but suffice to say Fran is an outspoken and courageous advocate of homeopathy.   This culminated in her starting a petition to be delivered to the World Health Organisation and several African countries seeking that homeopaths gain access to be able to use our remedies to help combat the Ebola outbreak.  Read about her petition results here.

Why Is It Important That Homeopaths Get Access To Ebola Cases?

Homeopaths have a long history in treating epidemics and helping to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.  Please read my article on Homeoprophylaxis to understand how the homeopathic nosode was used instead of traditional vaccines in Cuba to prevent leptospirosis.  It was so successful, it is now used every year instead of the traditional vaccine.  The best part of this is that this was initiated by a World Health Organization sanctioned traditional vaccine manufacturer!  

Homeopaths have been using our remedies  for hemorrhagic fevers for the past two hundred years.  We have remedies in our arsenal that match the symptoms of Ebola.  Some of these remedies are actually made from snake venoms where the original substance causes the same symptoms as Ebola as they break down the blood’s clotting factors.  However, with the latest Ebola outbreak, victims are in strict quarantine (which is good) it is hard for homeopath’s to get the information needed to prepare in advance for what remedies would be needed.  

This petition is directly asking the WHO to engage with the homeopathic community and consider allowing access and for homeopathic remedies to be used in this epidemic.  Since the anti-virals are not working, you would think they would consider allowing homeopaths access, especially as evidence of homeopathic effectiveness during epidemics is available, both modern and historical.


Why Is Steffan Browning Toeing The Party Line?

To understand why Russel Norman has stated that the Green Party do not support homeopathy and only support evidenced based medicine, first you have to understand the law in New Zealand and how it views homeopathic remedies.

According to the law, homeopathic remedies are classed as food.  No therapeutic claims are allowed to be made about them, such as they are beneficial for *insert malady here*.  To have a remedy classed as a medicine there is a registration process to go through which costs up to $15000 and scientific evidence must be gathered as to it’s efficacy.

So, according to the law in New Zealand, homeopathy is not an evidenced based medicine.  However there are many countries that do recognise it and even have state funded homeopathic hospital systems such as England and India.  In India there is much research and meticulous record keeping about the efficacy of homeopathy and their effects on various health issues.

Norman’s response disappointed me personally as I have always supported the Green Party.  Here is a copy of the email that I sent him in regards to the Green Party not supporting homeopathy.

Hi Russel
I was very disappointed to read that as a party you do not support homeopathy and you only support evidenced based medicine. Actually there is evidence that it works and the World Health Organisation sanctioned manufacturer of vaccines, The Findlay Institute, chose to use a homeopathic nosode against leptospirosis in Cuba. The results were meticulously recorded and it was so significantly successful that Cuba now uses the homeopathic nosode every year to help prevent leptospirosis during monsoon season…instead of the traditional vaccine.

I am a successful homeopath in Auckland and I help a large number of people. I have voted Green all of my life. I will no longer be voting Green. Unfortunately that no longer leaves anybody that represents me that I can vote for. My GP told me that if I had not treated my daughter with homeopathic remedies, she would have been on asthma medications. I routinely clear glue ear while children are on the wait list for grommets and help to ease eczema and other chronic diseases. There are remedies that help in measles, whooping cough and chickenpox and I have personally had a case of chickenpox in my clinic where it was pustular and centred around the eyes. It was on the rim of one eye…a scary thing as the child can lose their sight if it goes into the eyeball. I gave a homeopathic remedy and within 2 hours, those vesicles began to dry up and move down the body from the head onto the torso. I do amazing work in my clinic for the majority of my clients.

I understand the law is a tricky thing here and that you cannot make therapeutic claims and this is a sticky political situation but now you have made the stand that you do not support homeopathy and so I can no longer support the Green Party.

This was the reply from Kevin Hague

Hello Lee-Anne,

Russel has forwarded your email to me for response, as the Green Party Health spokesperson.

Thanks for writing. It seems that we hold different views. We are sorry to lose your vote but appreciate your taking the trouble to write.

Best wishes,


Kevin Hague MP

What Are The Ramifications Of No Major Political Party Refusing To Consider Homeopathy As A Viable Form Of Healthcare?

For me personally it means that I have no political party that will represent me in Parliament.  For the public at large it means that homeopathy will not be supported by any of the parties, ruling or not.  This does have major ramifications as the government is looking to sign the TPPA which will bring us into line with Australia and their stance on homeopathy and natural medicines.  If you don’t already know, Australia has a very restrictive view about natural health and restricts the publics access to various natural remedies including certain homeopathic remedies.  In Australia you cannot buy homeopathic remedies off the shelf in a 30c potency as you can here.  Got a child with a fever on a Saturday afternoon?  Kiss goodbye being able to easily purchase Belladonna 30c to ease their symptoms.

What it also means is that the small body of loud voices from the Skeptics Society and associated organisations have more ammunition to keep publicly attacking homeopathy.  Already with the law changes on advertising coming into strict effect earlier this year, there are certain people who have made it their job to complain about advertising standards being breached…that is therapeutic claims being made about homeopathic remedies.  An example of this is the recent complaint that was upheld against No Jet Lag due to the product not having scientific studies that it worked.  I asked my Facebook followers what their experience had been using No Jet Lag and it was an overwhelming reply of how effective that and other homeopathic jet lag remedies had been.

What Needs To Happen Now?

It seems clear to me that Homeopaths have a duty to show evidence for their remedies efficacy.  Unfortunately most solo homeopaths would not have the money to fund such research.  Perhaps the bigger manufacturers of homeopathic remedies may step up to that.  There is much scientific research and clinical studies being conducted around the world for homeopathy.  

Homeopaths also need to become part of the conversation.  For too long in New Zealand we have stumbled along silently taking the lashing that we are given in the media.  We need to pick up the conversation and redirect it appropriately.  Collectively our voices can be loud enough to be heard.

As homeopaths in New Zealand continue to successfully help our clients with homeopathy, we need our clients to speak out and publicly support homeopathy in New Zealand.  A groundswell of public support and voices can really have an impact on homeopathy and it’s availability both now and in the future.  My clients are very supportive of my practice and I thank them for that.  If you have had successful treatment, then please add your voice to the conversation about homeopathy.

But perhaps the final word on this goes to Fran Sheffield and her response to the Green Party and John key on their thoughts and statements about homeopathy.  Click here to read it.