Mums and New Babies

 C ongratulations, Welcome to your new baby!
How exciting, yet sometimes life after birth doesn’t go quite as smoothly as you would like – let us help…..there are a number of specific remedies for mothers and babies in the postnatal period.

BREAST Problems
Breasts naturally become enlarged as the milk comes in, resulting in tenderness and fullness. But if they become painful you might like to consider the following remedies:

1) Bellis perennis (Daisy) – feeling BRUISED and very TENDER to touch. Also great remedy for after pains when there is the feeling of bruised soreness. Called the ‘arnica of the breasts’. Also good following episitomy and ceasarian section, when there is the feeling of DEEP BRUISING following trauma.

2) Belladonna – Sudden onset of fever, breasts feel HOT, heavy and swollen. Pain is acute and the least knock is excutiating. If belladonna doesn’t work then BRYONIA may help.

3) Bryonia – when breasts are very ENGORGED and painful, full and heavy and worse for slightest knock or jar. The breasts are better for very firm supportive bra day and night. Bryonia also helps reduce an over-supply of milk, especially in the early stages of lactation.

4) Phytolacca – for INTENSE PAIN as soon as the baby starts to feed. Pain starts in the nipple and radiates under arm and even over the whole body. The nipples are very sore and may start to crack.


5) Chamomilla – for mum’s who are HYPERSENTIVE to the pain when feeding. Feels too much for her – ‘can’t take any more’. The breast milk may look thick and cheesy appearance. There may even be pus in the milk. The pain leaves mum feeling crabby and irritable.

6) Slicia – pains are sharp and may be felt in breasts and/or uterus. Breasts are full, nipples swollen and hard and difficult for the baby to latch on to. There may be blood in the milk which may cause the baby to vomit and refuse the breast. Constant burning pain in the nipples, which makes it difficult to sleep.

7) Staphysagria – pain is so intense when the milk starts to flow that it is almost impossible to feed. Useful following Caesarian section.


There are several remedies you can consider as well as looking at the above remedies:

1) Graphites – where there is honey-like fluid oozing from cracks.

2) Calendula cream – to help problems with sore nipples and surrounding breast tissue. Ensure breasts are washed before baby feeds.


There is severe tummy pain which causes babies to either double up or arch their backs. It may be due to a number of factors such as poorly digesting food, especially if there has been a change from breast to cow’s milk (formula), as the normal bacterial balance in the gut changes. Also, following the use of antibiotics, either for the baby or mum. Sometimes it relates to what mum is eating. Mums – check if you have indigestion, bit gassy, heartburn, taking in lots of sugar in your diet or high protein – may be one reason for baby’s colic. It may help to treat mum with the same remedy as baby.

1) Colocynthis – 6x or 6C potency

Baby bends double with intense pain or draw up their legs. May be better for laying on tummy over mum’s knees – pressure can be comforting. Tummy massage with gentle but firm pressure in a clockwise direction can help. The pain may be relieved by applying warmth eg from a covered warm water bottle or warm wheat bag.

2) Dioscorea

The opposite of Colocynthis – worse for bending double – baby will throw their head back and arch their back. They will cry if you try to bring them forward and hold them in your arms. Lots of tummy rumblings and gurgling.

Lots of smelly gas and stools. The baby’s tongue may be coated, too.

3) Magnesium phosphorica

Simliar to colocynthis – baby wants to bend double, better for pressure on tummy, heat and rubbing. Better for passing wind, better for warmth from warm water bottle or wheat bag.

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