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Homeopath – DipHom (NZ)
Melody Midgley - Homeopath

I didn’t grow up with Homeopathy and I wasn’t introduced to it until the age of 23. I was a sickly person growing up and I suffered from many illnesses and ailments. Their return was always inevitable, persistent and sometimes worse.

This continued until I met a recommended homeopath. I turned up on her doorstep in despair. She became my best friend. I finally had some relief from the constant invasion of sickness. Energy healing, crystals and the spirit world always excited. So, homeopathy with energy healing as its foundation suited me a great deal. I relied on her prescriptions until she said it’s time for you to do this.

My Love For Homeopathy

In 2016 I enrolled in the Diploma of Homeopathy. I spent the first few years of the course practising on family and friends. I have treated my nieces chronic eczema problem which had plagued her for years with success. My nephew is my biggest advocate. If he is out of balance, he will vocalise the need for a Homeopathic remedy. I do not have any children but I am passionate about the holistic healthcare for our young people.
I have experienced many benefits by using Homeopathy. I have better kidney health, less headaches and better digestive health.
There is great deal of sprays used in NZ and the impact this can have on people’s health can be prolific. This is an area I have a keen interest in and want to help people with. We have to deal with greater levels of Radiation now, this is another area I am passionate about.
I love how the body has such an innate intelligence system. Often an acute situation occurs, which is from a long standing underlying condition.Melody Midgley

My Past And Future

Alongside Homeopathy my other passions are Yoga. I completed a 2 year Yoga course in Australia.

I love the principles, practices and philosophy of Yoga. I try to incorporate this into my life as much as I can. For example the use of Pranayama, breath work. This helps to bring peace to the mind, as well as the physical benefits of having more energy and inner strength.

We are physical beings, movement and energy work is beneficial for good health.

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