Intestinal Worms and the Full Moon – Cina

Kids...running around barefoot...rolling down grassy meadows...regularly getting in contact with animals of all sorts. Farm animals, household cats and dogs, animals at a friend's house....the list goes on.

The thing is, worms and parasites are very common and can have severe health effects if allowed to build up.  Preschool and kindy kids often forget to wash their hands. Anywhere there are lots kids together - school, daycare, sports events - you can be sure there is a worm population.

It does pay to worm your animals and your children on a quarterly basis.  Unfortunately, the worming chocolate tabs from the pharmacy contain very strong chemicals. Sure, they kill the current worms that are alive - but what about the eggs?  If you don't kill the eggs then they will hatch a couple of weeks after the worm treatment and re-infest the body.


The Homeopathic Perspective

We think that if the whole being is healthy and well, and the digestive function is strong and balanced then it will not be a good host for parasites and worms.  

Many of our homeopathic remedies are known to help get rid of worms, and yet we are often giving these remedies for other reasons too.  

Your constitutional treatment helps your system stay healthier overall and therefore more robust to worm infestations.  

Modern Life

Life tends to be busy. It's not always easy to be eating clean or fermented foods. These help to keep the balance of bacteria in our digestive systems strong.  

Many of us, due to antibiotics, contraception or asthma medications, are more susceptible to candida overgrowth. Candida and heavy metals in the body create a wonderful haven for parasites to breed. So, what can we do to help de worm our children naturally?


We have a general remedy that is to worms like Arnica is to bruises.  That remedy is Cina.

You can give a 30c of this remedy to your children 1-2 times daily for a few days every few months to help get rid of any worms. 

The best time of the month to give Cina is around the full moon as intestinal worms love to breed at this time. A daily dose for 3 days around this time will keep you and your family from being an unexpected host!

What to Look For....

Here are some keynote symptoms to look for if your child is a bit wormy:

  • Grinding teeth
  • Itchy anus
  • Picking their nose...a lot!
  • Hungry soon after eating, or has sore tummies before meals
  • White, popcorn like mucus in the stools
  • Irritable and cross. Children demanding different things but then rejecting things when offered to them (worse than Chamomilla!)
  • Lethargic and tiring easily 
  • May be clingy
  • May have temper tantrums and a desire to lash out.

If you haven't wormed recently or have a child with some of the symptoms above, try a few doses of Cina over a few days and see if the behaviour improves.  They may even get a tummy ache and then pass some worms in the toilet after having a few doses.  

It's easy to spot who had a worm burden after giving Cina - they will brighten up and be more energetic. Worms steal our nutrients for themselves, which result in lowered immunity and tiredness.

And don't forget, you can give it to your pets too! Read on to hear about a wonderful case in a small puppy.....

We see many cases of worms in our clinics. Here are a couple of goodies:


Here is a typical case of worms in a young boy who had recently been ill. Usually when he got sick, he would come down with a huge fever, go to bed and wake up a box of fluffies. However, this time the the illness was dragging out and he was lethargic. He had been unusually irritable, especially with his sister. After he complained of an itchy bottom, Mum discovered that he had worms. She dosed him with worming medication, and after it failed to act she phoned me.

After just one morning of dosing with Cina, she phoned back to report he had expelled a great deal of worms! 


My (Jess's) dog came from a rescue shelter when he was only 9 weeks old. He was lethargic and bloated - completely opposite to the excitable puppy he should have been. I gave him Cina and, my goodness, you should have heard the rumbles and gurgles coming from his tiny stomach all night!

The next day he expelled massive worms, including one huge worm - at least a metre long! Needless to say he was a completely different puppy after that - dashing about, chewing up jandals and chasing his tail happily. 

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