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How Homeopathy Can Support Your Well-being When Your Level Of Health Has Been Falling Since Being Sick or Experiencing Stress

Does it seem like you are getting sick every week or two? Is this the worst year you've had in a while with health and wellbeing?

"Clients are often telling us that this year is the sickest they've been. You need to be aware of how homeopathy supports health when you've been never well since being sick."

It's important to address your wellbeing decline since an illness or stressful event. If it is not addressed then there can be:

  • frequent bouts of reoccurence of illness
  • symptoms can linger on and not fully resolve
  • ongoing fatigue and brain fog
  • less vitality than normal
  • pain can be more frequent
  • and in severe cases, chronic illness may start to appear.

An expert homeopath, who is passionate about their clients results, will be able to support your journey towards health. You can get back to loving your life with the drive, energy and clarity to do the activities you love to do. You will find that any reoccurence of illness will start to be shorter in duration and further apart.

I'm so frustrated watching people suffer with 'never been well since symptoms' and being offered solutions that don't get to the root cause of their recurrent ill-health.

Suppressing symptoms with short term relief options DOES NOT support better health long-term.

Lee-Anne McCall

If you want to regain your resilience again, then keep reading. The next three pieces of info might just be what you need to discover.

1.  Homeopaths Don't Dismiss What You Have Experienced

The weird thing is that homeopaths are always looking for what has led to someone's ongoing bout of ill-health. We take these causations very seriously. Over our 250 years of clinical history we have taken notice of the different events. We have termed these 'Never Been Well Since' (NBWS). These include but are not limited to:
  • childhood illnesses
  • grief
  • financial loss
  • court cases and disputes
  • fright/trauma
  • viruses/illness
  • accidents/violence
  • vaccination
  • miscarriage or abortion
  • surgery
Anywhere that there has been shock, stress or strain on the body and mind can be a never well since event. 1
The impact of that event can stay with us until we actively address it. Did you know we have over 206 remedies in our homeopathic software for NBWS in the personal history.

2.  Homeopaths Seek To Support Your Whole Constitution

If you have NBWS an event or illness, our homeopaths will seek to support your constitutional health. Our constitution is everything that makes up our health. This includes:
  • our genetics
  • our microbiome in our tissues
  • our unconscious belief systems
  • trauma history and our response to it
  • disease history
  • the physical symptoms of all systems of the body that are not representing health
  • our emotional responses and mental thought patterns
NBWS symptoms are a big sign that your constitutional strength needs support. Our homeopaths will incorporate all your constitutional symptoms when analyzing your case. They will choose the remedy that best supports your whole picture.

3.  Homeopathy Takes Into Account The Root Cause

If you have a NBWS event in your history, it is important to tell us about it. Our homeopaths take these into account when we are matching the right remedy to you.
Each NBWS event will impact the body and mind differently. The remedies needed to support your health when there is a violent trauma in the background may be very different than in the case of someone who has suffered with financial loss.
If the NBWS event is glandular fever, that may need quite different remedies to someone who has NBWS dysentry.
To deeply support your constitutional health, we must match the remedy to the root cause and the current symptoms.
The body can then direct it's energy to overcoming that obstacle. It is always seeking to come into homeostasis.
If this resonated with you then you will be pleased to know we offer an Orientation Consultation.
This is a 30 min free zoom call with Lee-Anne. She can get an overview of your case and match you with the right homeopath on our team. You will have all your questions answered and an overview of what to expect should you decide to go forward with homeopathy.
Listen to the video below if you would like further information or to book an Orientation consultation.
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