Homeoprophylaxis and Dr Isaac Golden

When my first son was born, I didn’t know anything about Homeoprophylaxis. When I found out it existed a few years later, I was very excited! Here was what I had been looking for – a way to support my children’s immune system without the risks and side-effects of the conventional vaccination system.

I’m not anti-vaccination. Personally, I think that the original Louis Pasteur theory – using a part of the virus to stimulate an immune response against that virus – makes sense. But what worries me most about modern vaccination is how many diseases children are given. When my youngest son was born, the 6-week vaccination schedule contained eight different diseases. Eight diseases, most of which he would never come across in his entire lifetime, given at 6-weeks-old when his immune system was still so immature. If I vaccinated him according to the full schedule, at four-years-old he will have received 17 vaccinations containing 14 different diseases, some of which are repeated 2-4 times during the schedule. Since my eldest son’s schedule 12 years earlier, there have been three new diseases added. Chicken Pox is now included, and Gardasil has been introduced. In comparison, when I was a child vaccinations started at 3-months-old. Our first vaccination was for three diseases.

“When I found out homeoprophylaxis existed a few years later, I was excited!”

On the other hand, the Dr Isaac Golden Homeoprophylaxis Program (HP) begins the schedule with at 4-weeks-old with the remedy Pertussis. Whooping Cough antibodies cannot be passed to baby in utero or via Mum’s milk, and is still a very real risk for young babies in our community. HP begins earlier than the vaccination schedule, offering immune support early even if parent’s choose to vaccinate. Only one remedy is given at a time under the HP program – allowing the system to adjust and strengthen between each monthly dosage.

Meningicoccinum is another remedy included in the HP Schedule. Back when my eldest son was born there were many issues with the Meningicoccal vaccine and it was pulled from the vaccination schedule. Parents and caregivers must now pay to have this vaccine added by arranging this with their doctor.

Who is Isaac Golden? He is an Australian homeopath who began implementing and researching his HP program in the 1980s. It was his intent that there be an easily-accessible alternative to the conventional immunisation approach. For 35 years he has detailed the results of his program, giving us verifiable statistics in support of his work. Homeoprophylaxis has been used since the founder of homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann first noticed that a patient who had been given Belladonna was the only member of her family who did not contract Scarlet Fever. He began using HP in 1798. Interestingly, vaccination was first used in 1796.

Although there is a standard schedule to follow with the HP program, this can be adapted to include whatever the parents feel their children will be at risk for. The remedies included in the program have been selected according to research to indicate the diseases are still present in the community today. They are also selected in accordance with the severity of the illness itself. Morbillinum, for example is not included in the main program but in the supplementary kit for support only in times Measles is present in the community.

Some question the need for disease prevention at all because the young immune system is designed to develop during childhood disease. At 18-months-old, my eldest boy came down with Swine Flu. After he recovered I noticed how much his vocabulary had increased, and that he was far more interested in drawing with crayons and looking at books. What Dr Golden has found is that children who using HP not only have been shown to be more robust in health, but that they appear to pass through the development benefits without the side effects.

I have used the program exclusively for my youngest son. My eldest was vaccinated up until 18-months-old and no further. I use the remedies in the kit if I know there are diseases present in the area. We use the kit if we cut ourselves with rusty metal, and in flu-season.

Most people have never heard about homeoprophylaxis, even if they’ve used homeopathy for years. If you’d like to read more, have a look at Lee-Anne’s blog post about the use of homeoprophylaxis by the Cuban government against Leptospirosis a few years ago, and what happened when compared with areas that used conventional vaccination.

If you’d like to find out more about homeoprophylaxis or want to book in a half-hour consultation with Lee-Anne, Juliet or myself to discuss it further and ask any questions, you can do so by going here.