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Discover How Homeopathy Can Help Support You During Your Management of Perimenopause and Hot Flush Symptoms

It's been a game-changer using homeopathy during perimenopause and hot flushes. Not only myself but many of my clients have benefited. If you are suffering from hot flushes then the information in this article will be important to you.
90% of the women reported disappearance or lessening of their [hot flush] symptoms, these changes mostly taking place within 15 days of starting homeopathic treatment.1
Treating hot flushes in menopausal women with homeopathic treatment-Results of an observational study Bordet M., Colas A., Marijnen P., Masson J., Trichard M. (2008) Homeopathy, 97 (1) , pp. 10-15.

Hot flushes at perimenopause are a sign that your hormonal system needs some balance. If this is not addressed by an experienced homeopath from our team then the frequency and intensity of hot flushes can increase. This can lead to or be a part of sleep disruption in perimenopausal woman. Treatments sought conventionally such as synthetic hormone replacement can be carcinogenic.

Clients often come into the clinic with the herbal supplements that they are taking. Unfortunately most of these are only suppressing the symptoms. Upon questioning we discover new symptoms and imbalances have occurred since beginning them. This leads to further health imbalances to deal with.

This is particularly the case when clients have not been personally prescribed them from a practitioner.

When you see one of our expert homeopaths you will receive a remedy that has been thoughtfully prescribed for your individual symptoms. When homeopathy is used correctly to support hormone balance in the body, then you will experience less hot flushes with less intensity. One of the first things we see improve is quality of sleep and energy. Physical symptoms will begin to come into balance which includes digestion.

When homeopathy is used to support healthy hormone balance, you will be less likely to rely upon drugs and therapies with side effects.

Our Hormone System is a delicate biocomputer. It responds to the slightest of adjustments and does not need a chemical sledgehammer
Lee-Anne McCall
The tiniest input into a Newton's cradle has a big knock on effect.

If you want to move through perimenopause and hot flushes with more ease then keep reading to understand what a homeopath will take into account when working out the best remedy to support you.

Hormones Affect Many Systems In The Body

Hormones are chemical messengers in the body carrying instructions for the cells and tissues of the body. They affect every system of the body.

To assess what remedy might be needed our homeopaths will want to know about every symptom that you are experiencing, regardless of whether it seems connected to your hormone system.

Our remedies that support the healthy functioning of the hormones address many other aspects of physical functioning in their symptom pictures. For example, some of the hormonal remedies have characteristic digestive symptoms. Others will be more appropriate when there are ligament and tendon issues presenting.

Headaches and skin are also often mentioned in consultations about hormone balance. Once we understand what else is out of balance in your body, apart from the hormones, we can suggest the best remedy for your individual mix of symptoms.

Perimenopause, The Adrenals and Hot Flushes

During perimenopause, the body's production of estrogen and progesterone decrease. This can begin happening as early as 35 years, even though menstruation may continue into your fifties.

This is right at the time when we are either building a career or managing our family....or perhaps both at the same time. It's an extraordinarily busy time where you are giving a lot of energy out.

The adrenals which produce hormones such as cortisol and DHEA, respond to stress as well as forming a balance with our estrogen. Lifestyle factors such as a demanding job with many hours or even young children that contribute to broken sleeps, all have an impact on our adrenals and the production of stress hormones.

A homeopath will be looking at the stress in your life. What particularly causes stress for you? Lack of sleep is physical stress on the body. It becomes very difficult to balance our hormones if we don't have a good sleep schedule and we have too much stress. That stress may even be plain old physical stress of lack of sleep.

Perimenopause symptoms may include hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings. If the adrenals are also under stress then symptoms of fatigue, anxiety and weight gain are common.

Our homeopaths will be interested in all of your symptoms so we can be sure to get a wholistic picture of your health. We love helping our clients use homeopathy during perimenopause and hot flushes.

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Your Hot Flush Won't Be Quite The Same As My Hot Flush

When a client consults with us for hot flushes our homeopaths will want to know all the details of the hot flushes.

For some women, they only come at night during sleep. Some will have them mainly after eating or drinking. Some will find they are running a bit hotter in general. While others will find they have a hot flush whenever they have a slightly anxious thought.

Our homeopaths will want to know where they begin for you? Does the flush start in the abdomen and stay mainly in the torso? Or does it rush upwards, making you feel like your head will explode?

Are your hot flushes accompanied by perspiration? Is it profuse and you end up dripping and flapping your shirt, trying to get cool air on you? Or is it just a wee glow on the back of your neck or forehead? Does your face flush red when you have a hot flash?

Does your heart race and does anxiety or mood changes go with your hot flush? Do they come in clusters, leaving you exhausted?

These are all the kinds of details our homepaths will be gathering to analyze your case. We are looking for what is different to your symptoms compared to others with the same clinical issue.

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