Homeopathy Made Easy:

Expert-Led Workshops for Beginners
Are you interested in learning about homeopathy but don't know where to start? Our expert-led workshops for beginners are designed to help you understand the basics of homeopathy and how it can support your health and well-being.
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Take Control Of Your Health

Interested In Using Homeopathy At Home But Not Sure Where To Start?

Health is such a precious thing. How healthy you are really defines how much energy you have, your ability to think clearly and how well you can seize each and every day. If you or one of your family members is falling ill repeatedly, it will affect the whole household's ability to function.

Our workshops teach you how to use homeopathy and give you the tools you need to take charge of your health. By learning homeopathy, you gain a deeper understanding of your body and learn how to support its natural healing abilities across the emotional, mental and physical.

Our workshops get the right information to you while making it easy to understand.

After supporting the health of over 2500 families, I found the single biggest challenge they face is being able to recognise when and what remedy to give while trying to find good sources of information about homeopathy.

81% of homeopathy users self-prescribe at home.  19% worked with a practitioner.

The 19% reported much higher levels of perceived helpfulness with homeopathy.

US National Health Interview Survey (2012)
This means that 81% who are choosing their remedies at home are missing some basic but key understandings about homeopathy.

Who Are These Workshops Perfect For?

Our expert-led workshops for beginners can benefit anyone looking for a natural and holistic approach to healthcare.


Homeopathy is suitable for children of all ages.  Learn how to support them through life's ups and downs.  Effectively support their best physical and emotional health.

Natural Health Fans

Homeopathy can be used alongside other modalities.  It's the next step to being more self-reliant and empowered on your health journey.

New Users Of Homeopathy

Make sure you understand the basic principles of homeopathy prescribing so you can do it with more accuracy.

Nineteen Years Ago I Became A Mother

That's us in the photo...

There wasn't a lot of family support and money was scarce.  By the time my daughter was one, I started training in homeopathy.

My daughter had the family tendency of a weak chest and if exposed to a cold wind, would get a cold and a chest infection at the drop of a hat.

As a student homeopath I used homeopathy exclusively to support my daughter's wellbeing.

We endured together:

    • fevers
    • coughs
    • colds
    • ear infections
    • head lice
    • bumps and bruises
    • teething
    • childhood illnesses
    • nightmares
    • stomach upsets

    Now at 19 years old, she is mentally and physically strong.  I'm so grateful for my homeopathic kit and my knowlege of how to use it.  I vowed to empower mothers everywhere to be able to use homeopathy confidently in the home for their families.

      Homeopathy Workshops for Beginners - Learn Homeopathy Made Easy

      Users Of Homeopathy Know That It's...

      Safe And Non-Toxic

      Homeopathy offers a safe and non-toxic alternative to support health. It can be used by anyone, even pregnant women and young children.

      Easy To Use

      Our workshops teach you the skills and knowledge you need to apply homeopathic remedies in your everyday life.


      Homeopathy is a cost-effective health addition to your household with remedy prices starting at just a few dollars.

      What Will You Learn In Our Workshop?

      In our expert-led workshops you will be guided through:

      What Health Looks Like

      Allowing you to identify imbalances so that you know when a remedy is needed.

      Basic Principles Of Homeopathy

      Learn how to use them to the greatest effect in choosing and using your remedies

      Direction Of Improvement

      Understand the ways the body will respond to a remedy so you know when to adjust dosage or change the remedy

      Homeopathy Workshops for Beginners - Learn Homeopathy Made Easyhop

      The Top Remedies You Should Have In Your Home

      Discover the key indicators of each remedy and how to choose the best one when symptoms present.

      Frequency of Dose

      Understand how often to dose, when to decrease the frequency and the signs that a different remedy might be needed.

      Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

      "Really enjoyed our morning!  Learnt so much my brain was very glad for the slide pack and notes! Already using to help keep my family healthy - the clear runny nose on Miss 1.5yrs hasn't come to anything yet and it's been 3 days...normally on an inhaler by this point. Lee-Anne you are a great teacher. I'm looking forward to continue to learn more in this huge area of improving health and happiness."Amber Mander
      “I'm a newbie to homeopathy and I though Lee-Anne's seminar was a great introduction.  The way she presented the information was engaging, interesting, easy to follow, and left me feeling inspired! Lee-Anne did a fantastic job of explaining what homeopathy is an dhow it works. She also ran through the  homeopathic remedies and I now have a great resource which I can refer to.Angela Beard
      It was a wonderful course - informative, practical and food for serious thought! Anyone thinking about attending TOTALLY recommend these courses!!!"Bron Van der Geest
      “Just attended this amazing and informative seminar!  Learned so much and had many "lightbulb" moments about homeopathy that I had heard about before but not understood at all! So much practical info and I feel empowered in acute situations with homeopathy at home.  Very inspiring, thanks so much Lee-Anne"Raegan

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