Homeopathy and Women’s Fertility – the Liz Lalor Fertility Programme


C ouples having difficulty conceiving can find it is a very emotional and stressful time.  Added to that can be the financial strain from the costs of traditional treatments.  Last year I was blessed to attend a seminar by Liz Lalor where she was demonstrating how to use the ‘Liz Lalor Fertility Program’ with our clients who are seeking to fall pregnant.  This program is a wee bit of genius using complex homeopathic prescribing.   Several remedies are prescribed at once forming a synergistic combination that not only focuses on the reproductive organs and their repair but also on the miasmatic (inherited) predisposition and emotional levels.

This program is especially useful for women with polycystic ovaries, endometriosis and those with a  previous history of the contraceptive pill or injections.  Contraceptive drugs can suppress ovulation or menstruation and it can take some time after finishing contraceptive medication for them to appear again.  This becomes a real issue for women who have left it late in life to conceive as their last few years of fertility may be compromised.  This program is also ideal for women who have a history of miscarriage as the remedies on the program both repair the reproductive organ functioning as well as help ease the grief and shock that may be undermining their health.

This program treats the female reproductive system as if it is currently experiencing an acute health crisis…which in a way it is, since it is not operating properly to achieve pregnancy.  In order to achieve the correct functioning of the reproductive system, several remedies are taken in a specific pattern to support and correct the function of the hormones, endometrial lining and menses while making sure that the cycle is a regular 28 days and ovulation is occurring each cycle.  Importantly it also helps to correct the mucous so that it is the right consistency for sperm to climb up and reach their target!  The quality of mucous is often affected by candida or thrush and certain remedies on the program are specific to this issue.

As I have used this program successfully in my clinic, I have become aware of the importance of the link between the contraceptive pill and a candida overgrowth 1 on a woman’s fertility.  A common symptom in women having difficulty in becoming pregnant that I have seen in my clinic is that the leucorrhoea is either very scanty or very thin and watery.  Healthy leucorrhoea should be more plentiful and at the time of ovulation, it should be more viscous and noticeable.  This consistency and amount is important as the leucorrhoea enhances the sperm’s motility.  If the leucorrhea is non-existent or watery then this will impact the chance of conception as the sperm will not be able to “climb” the leucorrhoea to reach the ovum as easily.  The majority of women who present in my clinic seeking help with their fertility have scanty or watery leucorrhoea and also a history of being on the contraceptive pill.  There may or may not be a history of thrush and vaginal yeast infections.

A candida imbalance can thrive quite happily within the digestive system and the body without necessarily showing as thrush.  Candida undermines a person’s health and wellbeing.  Symptoms can be irritability, depression, tiredness, craving for sugar, bowel disturbances, bloating and excessive wind.  If our digestive system is not working well then it can lead to all sorts of health problems as our digestive system acts as a filter and assimilator of vital nutrients.  Impaired functioning of the digestive system impacts our immune system.  We enhance candidiasis when we eat highly processed foods, are under emotional stress, take antibiotics and use the contraceptive pill.  All of these cause an acidic pH to form in the body which is the perfect environment for Candida to thrive in.  Long term the immune system is compromised.  This has big repercussions when we suddenly have a government handing out birth control to beneficiaries and their daughters like it was candy as it will likely undermine their health in many ways over the long-term and possibly lead to further reliance on a health system that is already creaking under it’s own weight.

While participating in the Liz Lalor Fertility Program, the remedies help to restore regular ovulation This happens even if a client does not have regular ovulation normally due to condition such as polycystic ovaries.  There will be an increase in leucorrhoea and an improvement in the quality of it.  The menstrual cycle becomes more regular and healthy.  An optimum menstrual cycle should be 28 days in length, menses should be a minimum of 3 days, not too heavy and not too scanty with very little or no pain.  In short, it helps to provide the woman with optimal conditions for pregnancy while helping to cleanse the system of Candida.

The recommendation is that the program is tried for 4 menstrual cycles only.  If pregnancy is not achieved by the end of 4 months then the body will be in a much healthier state to try IVF successfully.

At the time of the seminar, Liz Lalor had a success rate of 247 pregnancies/babies and 34 failures to conceive.  That is a success rate of 87% which seems to be repeated around the world with the homeopaths that also use her program in their clinics.  Out of 4 couples trying to conceive that I have used it with so far, I have successfully helped 3 using Liz’s methods.  All of the women who undertake this program feel healthier, more peaceful and have more energy than they have had in some time.  There are no side effects of the program and being mainly a homeopathic program, it is very budget friendly.

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