Homeopaths – Super Defenders of the Law of Similars

Iremember the moment as a homeopathic student when I realised that in becoming a homeopath, there would be times where people would not like me simply for the fact that I practiced homeopathy. I recall wondering if that was something I could cope with (most of us want to be liked, right?). In the end it didn’t matter, because the more I learnt and used homeopathy the more I couldn’t turn my back on it simply because it was disliked by some. And so I braced myself for the flack I would inevitably endure.

An amazing thing happened. By following my homeopathic path, I have gained more courage to be my true self (helped in no small part by the courageous efforts of one amazing and encouraging Lee-Anne McCall!). This has helped me in other parts of my life be the person I want to be regardless of other’s opinions.

I had expected that I would have to fiercely defend my position with intellect and integrity in all instances where the question of homeopathy came up. But this is not the case at all. Although everyone needs a champion at times homeopathy, being the beautiful and gentle modality it is, doesn’t need super heroes to defend it’s honour. It’s voice is often soft and gentle (although there are times it shouts from the rooftops), but there is no doubt that homeopathy speaks for itself. In sharing our experiences with those around us, in passing on the stories of times it has helped us in our lives, in taking a remedy we know has helped us to a neighbour or a friend, we all contribute to that voice without the aggression or negativity that often comes at it. And I’ve found in the face of true scepticism, the best option is to just accept it because changing someone’s mind who is determined is a waste of precious energy that could be used in a more positive way!

And that is why, I believe, that in these times of scepticism and doubt, homeopathy will always prevail, because just by being itself, homeopathy is it’s own very best advocate.