Soft pouch travel kit with homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic Travel Kit Tales – Part Two

My daughter has grown up with homeopathic remedies being the automatic go-to of choice whenever there is something amiss in our health. Now turning 12 at the time of writing, I began studying homeopathy when she was 1 year old. For as long as she can remember, she has only known homeopathic remedies as the panacea for any unease. Since she is unvaccinated, she is well aware that if she gets a cut or scrape that she just needs to delve into her bottle of hypericum that sits on the kitchen counter. She knows that it helps to prevent tetanus and infection, eases pain and will heal it quickly.

This year, she had her second school camp. At 4 days in length, this was going to be her longest camp yet and I was unable to accompany her on it. Knowing that it was likely she would be in mud up to her eyeballs, I gave her homeopathic prophylaxis (HP) to help prevent tetanus for a couple of weeks beforehand and then sent her to camp with a little mini kit of remedies to help in all sorts of situations.

I wanted to make sure her kit contained some of her personal constitutional remedies that work well for her as well as a small range of basics to help with any accidents or other first aid scenarios. I gave her a very basic list to go alongside in very simplistic language as well as the keynotes that I give with all of my kits.

Here was her list of remedies and my basic discriptions that I sent with the kit.

  • Apisbeestings
    Arnicabruises and bumps
    Arsenicumtummy bug and diarrhoea
    Belladonnasore throat and sunburn
    Urtica urenswelts and itching
  • Nux vomicahiccups, head cold, crampy tummy
    Pulsatillamissing mummy
    Hypericumcuts and mozzie bites
    Rhus tox sprains and itches

How Did She End Up Using Her Kit?

  • Torn Muscle

    One of the girls on camp tore her muscle while doing an activity and her father asked my daughter if she had some Arnica. Cue the appearance of her kit. It helped the pain so much the little girl kept coming back for further doses over the next few days.

  • Tailbone

    One of the boys fell back and landed sharply on his tailbone. The mother happened to be there and knowing my daughter would have Hypericum, requested that remedy. Hypericum is pre-eminent for when you land on your coccyx and trauma to the tailbone.

  • Stiffness After Running

    One little girl woke very sore and stiff after running races the previous day. She came to my daughter and requested Rhus tox. My daughter obliged and the stiffness was alleviated.

  • Missing Mum

    One night my daughter was trying to get to sleep and one of her companions was missing her mother quite considerably. She asked if my daughter had anything for that. My daughter dutifully pulled out the Pulsatilla and gave her one. Every one got a good nights sleep after that.

  • Mosquito Bites

    My daughter herself used Hypericum liberally for mosquito bites.

  • Panic attack

    One of her camp companions started to have a panic attack and one of the mother’s asked my daughter if she had anything. She had to run off to get her kit and by the time she got back Rescue Remedy had been administered to good effect. My daughter asked me when she got back from camp what she could have used from her kit. The answer I gave was Aconite or Arsenicum.

How useful was that little kit? My daughter was so pleased and a little amazed that she could help so many people.

So simple….even a child can use them!