Soft pouch travel kit with homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic Travel Kit Tales – Part 1

I was lucky enough to be able to travel to Rarotonga earlier this year for a much needed holiday. Sunshine, sea, friendly people and lots of fun.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been caught out without my remedies as I always forget to carry them with me. Luckily for me, most of my friends use my remedies and often have them on hand. Recently, I was preparing for my much needed holiday in Rarotonga and I was determined not to be caught short.

I packed up one of my basic travel kits and some personal remedies that we use a lot…never imagining how useful they would prove to be! To give you some context, we were two adults and two tweens staying in Rarotonga for a week.

  • Bee Sting

    Within hours of arrival, my travelling companion got stung by a bee and immediately sought out Apis from our kit. One dose was all that was needed and the pain was eased and tears were avoided. Find it here

  • Jet lag

    Flights from Auckland to Rarotonga leave and arrive at ungodly hours. We used Cocculus to ease jet lag and fuzzy heads both after arrival in Rarotonga and also on arrival back in New Zealand Find Cocculus here

  • Infected Cut and Cough

    One of our tween travelling companions arrived in Raro after the onset of a cold the very weekend that we were travelling. But the most important part of this story was that the next day she spent most of the afternoon in the pool having great fun as you do when you are a 10 year old on holiday in Rarotonga. The poor wee girl also had a cut on her arm that became very inflamed and did not look good after swimming in the pool on the next day after arrival. Correspondingly, the cough worsened and became quite constant and throughout a good part of the night. Her mother and I were so concerned we were thinking that we would have to find a herbalist or some kind of medical help on the island. However…I happened to have Belladonna with me in case of sunburn. Because the cut seemed to be infected, I suggested Belladonna for the cut and what do you know? Belladonna helped the cough immediately. The next night, she could sleep with less coughing and the infected cut began to heal. No external medical help was needed much to our relief!
    Find Belladonna here

  • Headcold

    My own daughter had the last little bits of a head cold from the week before she left New Zealand which was nicely finished off with nux vomica. Find Nux vomica here

  • Scrapes and Cuts

    Of course we had our fair share of scrapes and one on a rock under the water, so Hypericum was excellent to use as it prevents infection and heals wounds quickly. Hypericum was used to help prevent tetanus in the trenches in World War One and I would always have this on hand when going to tropical countries and swimming.
    Find Hypericum here

  • Sunburn

    We did very well for the week with no sunburn but on our last day there it was a scorcher and we were booked on a boat whale watching. We all suffered various degrees of sunburn and Belladonna came in very handy. Unfortunately, I had left the remedy Sol, which I use to help prevent sunburn, back in Auckland. Find Belladonna here

  • Sprains and Strains

    Of course, the whole time I was in Raro, my foot was healing from a sprain/tear and I am so grateful I had Rhus tox as it eased the pain of hobbling to the local French bakery every day. Read more about how to accelerated the healing of a sprained foot here. Find Rhus tox here

Homeopathic Kits are amazing for travel. It is easy to take many remedies with you in a small space and so very handy.

Read on for Part Two (coming soon) of our Homeopathic Kit Tales where you will see how my eleven year old daughter used her first aid kit at camp. Find out why the other parents were sending their children to my daughter for her help!