Curious To Know The Fascinating Difference Between Homeopathy and Naturopathy?

Clients new to homeopathy will often ask what the difference is between naturopathy and homeopathy. The modalities of naturopathy and homeopathy are worlds apart. They may both be forms of complementary medicine but that is where the similarity ends.

Let me take you through how I explain it in my clinic.


Naturopaths learn how to use plants, minerals, and supplements like a conventional doctor. They study the phytochemicals of herbal tinctures. They learn how they interact with the body's tissues and cells.

They also learn about how these phytochemicals interact with any conventional medications. This applies also to their learning about the minerals and supplements that they use.

Naturopathy uses plants and minerals to support the healthy functioning of your cells. They will also advise on diet and some lifestyle factors.

They try to rectify cellular functioning through the right balance of minerals and nutrients. A naturopath does not use homeopathy the way a homeopath uses it.

They use it as a naturopath would use it. To control the functioning of the body physically and as an adjunct to their protocol.

Often the homeopathy they use is in low potency to try to influence cellular functioning. They often use homeopathic complexes that contain many remedies and potencies.


Homeopathy does not seek to control the body's functioning. It does not and cannot force the body into behaving in a certain way.

A homeopathic remedy is a substance that is diluted and energized. It delivers a nanoparticle dose to the body to support the body's impetus to homeostasis. This is known in science as hormesis.

Hormesis is defined as a beneficial or stimulatory effect caused by exposure to low doses of an agent known to be toxic at higher doses.

A higher potency remedy will have more of a hormetic effect on the mental and emotional body. while a lower potency will best support the physical.

A homeopath in this way will seek to use homeopathy to support the physical, emotional, and mental. Homeopaths know that true health is best when it's on all levels. We are truly the definition of holistic.