Children’s Learning Difficulties and Mineral Remedies

I  see so many children in my clinic with learning difficulties that range from concentration problems right through to dyslexia and autism.  What I have noticed in my clinic and with my own daughter, is that a well prescribed remedy will really help to improve the child’s ability with reading or understanding maths.  Suddenly the communication within the brain and nervous system suddenly connects and comprehension, concentration and the ability to express in the written form becomes easier.  This change often has the effect of re-establishing the joy of learning which is so important to foster so that this can stay with them for life.

Mineral remedies

Many of the remedies that seem to be helpful for learning difficulties are the mineral remedies from the periodic table.  We all need minerals in our diet and children even more so since they are busily growing and laying down new bones, forming new cells and also dealing with the toxicity of our modern environment.  Even if the diet is sufficient or mineral supplementation is used, if the gut is not working optimally it will be unable to absorb and use the available minerals properly even if the child is being given extra mineral supplements.  If they are not absorbing or using the minerals well, then there is no point in giving them extra!

Homeopathic mineral remedies seem to help balance the body’s use and absorption of that particular mineral.  For instance, someone with low iron (anemia), will often do well on homeopathic Ferrum phos in a low potency.  The 6x potency is commonly referred to as a tissue salt and contains micro dilutions of iron within it that the cells of the body can absorb easily.  This can have the effect of balancing out the bodies cells and tissues in regards to their ability to absorb and use iron from their dietary sources.

Clinical Observations

The following are some general observations that I have noticed consistently enough through my cases after a good remedy was prescribed and there was a curative response.  Most of the clients I see are coming for other more physical issues but as part of the consultation the children will tell me about any difficulties they are having in school.  This always forms an important part of the constitutional picture and very often the remedy prescribed will have a positive impact on those same difficulties at school.

  • Distraction/Concentration issues: Sometimes the children are a bit dreamy or easily distracted or the noise in the classroom seems to bother them so much that they cannot concentrate.  After the remedy, the children will be less inclined to talk and find that their ability to focus becomes easier.
  • Reading/Writing/Maths: Often in my clinic I find it is one or the other skill that they will have difficulty with.  The children will often tell me in great detail exactly what it is they find difficult, whether that is forming letters or translating ideas into written form or something different.  There are specific remedies for those who find maths difficult to understand and other remedies for when reading is a drag or difficult to comprehend.  After a well prescribed remedy the child often finds that subject more enjoyable as their comprehension improves.
  • Dyslexia: This is a little bit more severe in it’s pathology but I think that some of the young clients I see starting school would end up on the dyslexic spectrum if they did not have homeopathic intervention early.  A well prescribed constitutional remedy will help a person with the diagnosis of dyslexia.  The younger the child the better success, but a teenager or adult can be helped too by a good remedy.  Often reading won’t be as difficult or if there is exam anxiety because of their dyslexia then that can be eased too by a good remedy.


The homeopathic miasm that is having a heavy influence on the child may also need to be addressed separately to the ‘constitutional’ remedy.  I have noticed when there is a heavy miasmatic influence that children are obstructed in their development.  This can be mildly or very severe.  An example of this is my daughter who has a family history of the Tuburcular miasm.  She also manifests every winter a cough that is very difficult to get rid of.  This winter I got completely fed up with it and decided to give her high potency Tuburculinum 3x daily for about 10 days.  The cough responded brilliantly and at the end of the treatment, she went from sounding out her words carefully when reading, to getting chapter books off the shelf and reading them with little difficulty.  I was amazed and then found Tuburculinum is a major remedy for reading difficulties!  (Not that she was having any major difficulties but the difference before and after was extraordinary!)

There are many options homeopathically to help children achieve in the classroom by easing any difficulties they are having.  The added bonus is the improved enjoyment of learning which each child should have as a birthright so that they can reach their full potential.

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