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Discover Homeopathy Miasms and How It Relates To A Family History of Cancer

Are you curious about how homeopathy approaches a family history of cancer? Certain diseases that we see in the family history of our clients fit particular miasms.  A miasm influences how a person responds to stress physically and emotionally. It also influences how a person will breakdown under stress physically and emotionally.

At different times over the centuries, diseases have held prevalence over the population.  An example of this is the scourge of Tuberculosis which peaked during the 18th and 19th century. A client may present with an ancestor who had tuburculosis. Almost certainly, there will be asthma, tonsillitis and allergies in the following generations.

Another example is the family history of Syphillis.  This is a particularly destructive miasmatic influence.  Clients present with severe osteoporosis and bone degeneration, deep depression and addictions.

The current disease of our time seems to be Cancer.  The word ‘cancer’ can fill people with fear and trepidation, especially if it runs in the family.  Take Angelina Jolie as an example; to prevent breast cancer she had a double mastectomy.  I want to talk about what I see in the clinic when there is a family history of cancer.

Now, let me make this point quite clear. It does not matter if it was two generations back, nor if your mother had a brush with breast cancer but is fine now.  It all counts.  I also see in a family history of cancer, a history of diabetes or thyroid disorders.  Diabetes and thyroid disorders and autoimmune can indicate a cancer miasmatic influence. These complaints can be in the following generations with a family history of cancer.

I gather the family disease history from each client in my clinic.  I am interested in the direct history, both maternal and paternal.  Sometimes there is only the occassional ancestor who has had a cancer diagnosis. Many of my clients will have diabetes, thyroid and cancer issues heavily on both sides of the family. This would show the Carcinosin miasm will be exerting a strong influence over the client.

The Carcinosin Miasm Influence

When cancer is in the family history we see the miasmatic influence in two ways.

  1. The possible physical symptoms and diseases that might manifest, especially under stress.
  2. How stress can cause certain behaviors and reactions on the emotional/mental level. 
With a strong Carcinosin miasm, a person will likely have the following traits.  This is relevant for both adults and children.  These traits are also in the remedy of the Cancer miasm which is Carcinosin.

Deep Empathy

Carcinosin influenced people are deeply empathetic towards others.  This causes them to also feel very responsible for others.  A Carcinosin child may offer to  help mum at a very young age with the dishes. An older sibling may help to watch over a younger brother or sister with quite some concern. 

A predisposition to a Carcinosin miasm can begin to form at a young age. An example of this is when a child has had to take on extra responsiblility for others. This results in them losing some of their childhood.

Hypersensitivity To Criticism

The people influenced by the cancer miasm are hypersensitive to criticism. They are also supersensitive to reproach. Even a kind comment that was not meant as criticism will effect them. Under the influence of this miasm, those words will go deep into the person’s psyche or heart and there they will sit.  Carcinosin people are very sensitive and often try to please others.

Setting Their Expectations High

They have high expectations of themselves and work very hard to achieve.  The problem is that sometimes their expectations are so high they can be very difficult to meet.  A Cancer miasm person can become anxious and filled with self-reproach.  These people are fantastic at being unkind to themselves with their own self-talk.  They can beat themselves up.  In a child, their work may not be good enough so they will screw it up and start their project again. 

They can be fastidious and perfectionist. A Carcinosin wife may appreciate when their husbands have helped with the housework. It may have been impossible to resist the urge to correct the small details afterwards.

Their negative self-reproach can descend into anxiety and insomnia.  Carcinosin is in the homeopathic repertory for children who need hours to fall asleep.  This can hold true for adults too.  After Carcinosin the child may start to fall asleep in a shorter time frame.

The Carcinosin personality may succumb to depression.  I have treated reoccuring depression where the person has not been able to break the cycle.  Carcinosin or a related remedy is often  required in these cases at some point in their treatment.

A remedy targeting the miasm may finally help to break the entrenched response to stress. This is often required for physical symptoms that do not seem to respond to any other treatment.  One such example is Irritable Bowel Syndrom.  Carcinosin might be required when there is malabsorption of nutrients and gluten intolerance.  Obstinate hayfever and sinus symptoms may also start to respond to this remedy. This remedy is a significant remedy to support the recovery of glandular fever.

Carcinosin as a main remedy for the Cancer miasm is often required as part of a treatment plan. It may support the predispostition to suffering under stress with anxiety and depression.  Often, after the prescription of Carcinosin another remedy will be needed. This constitutional remedy will support the individual’s unique manifestation of symptoms.

A Case Study

Here is a case from my clinic reprinted with permission.  This is the typical history and symptoms that I see in my clinic in an adult needing Carcinosin.

A female in her late 30’s comes to see me for depression.  She worked very, very hard in her twenties for a corporation and suffered burnout and depression.  She’d had too many responsibilities that she had taken on at that time in her busy job and continued to work very hard for an extended amount of time.   At the time of coming to see me, her circumstances are now similiar at work.  She has changed professions and is now a therapist but is currently working very hard on two projects that she is doing concurrently.  She is beginning to feel overwhelmed and worried about the financial success of her business and feels like she is slipping downwards into depression again.   She is not taking anti-depressants at this time, preferring to use St John’s Wort and manage through exercise.

This time there is an added grief as her marriage has ended 1 year ago and she feels as if this is impacting her at the moment.  It was a shock at the time and she feels very alone and helpless currently.  Her partner had been very critical of her during their marriage and she still can hear his voice of criticism in her head.  When she is under stress she worries and has difficulty falling asleep, sometimes this takes hours.  This, of course, makes her more tired.

When she was a teenager her father left suddenly and she needed to care for her younger brothers and help her mother a lot.  She started off cooking the meals and looking after them after school while her mother was working but later on she continued to contribute her earnings from her after school job as well as continuing to help her mother with her siblings.  She has always felt unloved deep down by her father and this feeling seems to be coming up strongly since her husband left.

The more worried she gets, the more her stomach and bowel becomes irritated.  It used to be just wheat that caused diarrhoea and a sore stomach but now she cannot pin point exactly what in her diet is causing the IBS symptoms as they seem to come and go with no particular cause.

Her family history includes thyroid disorder in her mother and cancer and heart problems in the father’s side.  There is also a history of anxiety and depression that runs through her mother’s side of the family.

Carcinosin was prescribed.

After the prescription the client was able to fall asleep quicker and be less anxious around her work commitments.  Her energy lifted and her irritable bowel symptoms were less intense and less frequent.  She felt like she could hold her own with her work commitments now.  She was able to stop the St Johns Wort.

A new symptom of anger had presented itself in regards to her marriage break up but this was very good due to her working through the stages of the grief process and the client continued to work with me on those and her irritable bowel symptoms in future consultations.

Final Note

There are many remedies that have Cancer miasm characteristics.  When you work with one of our homeopaths we will customize your health plan. We aim to find the best remedy that matches your individual symptoms and that will get you closer to your health goals.

If this resonated with you then you will be pleased to know we offer an Orientation Consultation.

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  1. I am currently suffering from Stage IV breast cancer and I have been treating everything holistically for almost 3 years. Would carcinosin be something you would recommend I take and how much? Please advise.

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      Hi Danielle, this remedy is certainly one you should have had at some point in your treatment if not ongoingly through most of it. However, at this point in your case, my best recommendation is that you find a homeopath who is familiar with the Ramakrishnan approach to cancer. They will best be able to assess your case and what is the best remedies to start you on immediately. Homeopathy supports the body through cancer very well at all stages. Best wishes and Good luck xx

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  3. Hi, I identified with the Carsinosin picture. Stress, sleep, anxious, anger, lots more. Had cancer in 2010. I’m 74, had radical hysterectomy. Now sleep problems, and always stressed. Any help available please.

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