The Importance of the Mind-Body link in Illness

ith very few exceptions, when a client comes into my clinic seeking a homeopathic remedy for their physical discomfort I always find a strong mental/emotional state occurring during or just before their physical symptoms start.  This seems to hold true no matter if it is a long-term chronic illness or whether they have just come down with the flu or the common cold.  This link is so strong and clearly apparent I now use it to help me confirm my remedy selection. All the homeopathic remedy pictures have a particular mental or emotional state that accompanies their individual physical symptom picture.  For example, …

Mums and New Babies

ongratulations, Welcome to your new baby! How exciting, yet sometimes life after birth doesn’t go quite as smoothly as you would like – let us help…..there are a number of specific remedies for mothers and babies in the postnatal period. BREAST Problems Breasts naturally become enlarged as the milk comes in, resulting in tenderness and fullness. But if they become painful you might like to consider the following remedies:

A plethora of sore throats and mild colds

his week in my clinic I have seen a flurry of sore throats, mild colds and autumn flus coming in for treatment. This is the school holidays of course and children can be run down and tired at the end of term time. Also it is a very mild Autumn here in Auckland but the nights can be chilly at times. Often the change of season and the sudden change of temperatures can predispose you to a sudden chill. Colds treated at the first signs of unwellness with homeopathy, are often milder and shorter in duration.