Wintertime Colds and Coughs

his week I want to talk about helpful naturopathic and home first aid support for colds and coughs. The change in season is upon us and often the change in season is enough for many sniffles and colds to get the better of us.  The tips below help nurse ourselves and our families through any nasty colds and coughs.

Homeopathy and Fertility – Liz Lalor Fertility Program

ertility.  It can be an emotional word for some.  The total heartache experienced by a couple who cannot conceive or the disappointment each month when current methods don’t succeed.  Perhaps there is a history of miscarriages or even some difficult pathology to deal with such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrom (PCOS) or endometriosis.  Perhaps there has been long usage of the contraceptive pill and now the woman finds that she cannot ovulate but due to work commitments she is towards the later stages of her fertile years.  These are some of the common issues that couples are faced with when trying to …

Oh! The Pain of Teething!

t’s heartbreaking seeing a little one go through the pain of getting their first teeth.  Not all babies experience pain with their teething but for some it can be akin to a nightmare…endless days of dribbling, irritation and broken sleeps.  Of course, that doesn’t even begin to describe what poor old mum goes through having to nurse baby through their discomfort. The right remedy will quickly take the pain away, lift and calm baby’s mood and help them sleep. 

Similia Similibus Curentur

omeopathy works on a law which is similia similibus curentur and it means like cures like. Dr. Hahnemann worked very hard to find an alternative system of medicine. Before he could reach the law of similars, he experimented with many laws and pathys like isopathy which worked on the principle same cures same and antipathy that worked on the basis that medicine having opposite symptoms to the disease would cure. Finally he declared homeopathy as a system of medicine working on principle like cure like.

Naturopathic & Home First Aid in Fevers

  elcome to our first naturopathic blog article on The Healing Haven’s naturopathic blog page!! Our first topic is fevers! Here below are a few home naturopathic tips and herbs that can help support and ease yourself or your child through the often stressful process of a fever.

The Season of Sneezes – Hayfever remedies…

  t is so frustrating when hayfever strikes and often it will last anywhere from a few weeks to a whole season.  Feeling constantly inflamed in the sensitive tissues on the face or with a nose that seems blocked more often than clear or having itchiness in the ears that cannot be reached for a good scratch becomes very irritating.  I was not able to wear mascara all summer due to my eyes being super sensitive to irritants.  The necessity to rub them frequently meant that I had to make a choice between slow growing panda eyes as the day wore on …

The Importance of the Mind-Body link in Illness

ith very few exceptions, when a client comes into my clinic seeking a homeopathic remedy for their physical discomfort I always find a strong mental/emotional state occurring during or just before their physical symptoms start.  This seems to hold true no matter if it is a long-term chronic illness or whether they have just come down with the flu or the common cold.  This link is so strong and clearly apparent I now use it to help me confirm my remedy selection. All the homeopathic remedy pictures have a particular mental or emotional state that accompanies their individual physical symptom picture.  For example, …

Mums and New Babies

ongratulations, Welcome to your new baby! How exciting, yet sometimes life after birth doesn’t go quite as smoothly as you would like – let us help…..there are a number of specific remedies for mothers and babies in the postnatal period. BREAST Problems Breasts naturally become enlarged as the milk comes in, resulting in tenderness and fullness. But if they become painful you might like to consider the following remedies: