Acute Ear Infections


E ar aches and infections are one of the most common childhood illnesses, aside from the common cold and cough. There are two main types of ear infections:

Otitis media which is infection of the middle ear and ear drum that can lead onto complications such as hearing impairment and delayed speech. If left untreated this may develop into a chronic ear problem with persistent recurrent ear infections in some children.

Otitis externa is infection of the outer ear or of the canal that leads to the ear drum. It is more a skin infection that produces ear pain and throbbing all due to the inflammation present.

However not all earaches may be due to or result from infection. An allergy reaction, cold or flu may bring on an earache due to increases of pressure, congestion and inflammation in the eustachian tubes. The pain of the earache should be milder then if the earache was due to an infection.

A really good trick is if you take your child to the doctor, when they look in the ear, quiz the doctor on what they see. You are wanting to know if the ear drum is red and bulging or anything else that they might see. Has it burst or not yet? Insist on them being as clear as possible with that information because when you get home that might help you pick an appropriate remedy from your home kit.

Common homeopathic remedies for earaches and ear infections

Belladonna Sudden onset of illness, unbearable pain, violent, right sided pain, worse around 3pm or 3am, worse for drafts, lying down, better for being wrapped up warm. Inside, the membrane is bright red and bulging, often a high fever is present with red glassy, dilated eyes and a red hot flushed face but cold hands and feet. Generally is without any pus in the ear, there may be a slight runny nose present.

Chamomilla The ear is very painful, child will be in total distress, does not want the ear to be touched or examined in any way. Worse around the time of 9-10pm or am, worse for cold air, wind, feels better being carried and wrapped up warm, can have a runny nose, one cheek will be hot and one will be pale, may push away from cuddles and have a tendency to arch backward, screaming, very irritable and demanding. Nothing will please them. If the symptoms match and the child is also teething then that would be extra confirmation of this remedy.

Hepar sulph The child may be intensively irritable, very sensitive to the pain, screams
and may have tendency to be violent. So sensitive to cold or open air, this child will not even want their hand or foot uncovered. They will be much better for being warm and wrapped up . The ear pain is like a splinter sensation and the child may have a sore throat. Any discharge will smell like mouldy cheese.

Pulsatilla The child is weepy, clingy and needs cuddles, likes to be carried. The ear is hot, painful and swollen. Worse at night with darting pain, or it may be painless. A fever may be present but the child will have no thirst. There may be a yellow thick green discharge from the ear or nose. May have had a cold couple days previous to the ear infection developing.

Mercurius Is good remedy for acute and recurrent ear infections, colds are followed by ear complaints. Sore throat also may be present, very painful on swallowing. There is excess salivation and bad breath, swollen tongue with inverted teeth marks. A yellow green offensive discharge from the ear is present. The childs throat glands may also be swollen which is a nice confirmation for this remedy.

Silica This remedy is very good to give if the ear drum has ruptured, to heal it up so that there is much less chance of any scarring occurring on the membrane. Please don’t give this remedy if your child has gromits…it is likely the gromits will be on the pillow the next morning as this remedy will push things out of the body that are no longer required.

If your child has reoccurring otitis or “glue ear”, it is my recommendation that you consult with a homeopath to help strengthen your child so that the reoccurence lessens and they become stronger and healthier in themselves.

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