A Sunny Remedy Called Sol

I am a woman of pale substance.

For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from at least one bad sunburn every summer. This is despite sticking to the shade, wearing sunscreen and staying indoors during the sunniest part of the day. I just burn up like a tissue after only minutes in the sun.

“I am a woman of pale substance.”
  • AIM

    To see if Sol would provide me some protection against the sun


    Take a dose of Sol 30C and sit in the sun for an hour. Cross fingers….

The thing is, I love the beach and sunny days and being outdoors, so it has always been a bane to not be able to fully enjoy the summer weather. I also have two boys (who, thank goodness, have not inherited my ability to turn white-into-red with a wave of my sun-wand) that love being outside and playing. Something had to be done.

Thank goodness for homeopathy. When I first learnt about Sol during my studies, I decided there was only one thing to do – test the remedy and it’s sun-support abilities on a human subject (I volunteered). So, on a blazing hot summer day I positioned myself on my very good friend’s deck, taking only my Sol (don’t try this at home kids!) and spent a pleasant hour nattering about what-not with my lovely friend.

After an hour I went home. That night my skin turned a lovely beetroot shade of red – but it was different to the usual sunburn process. The burn had very little heat, it was not painful at all, and in fact it looked like an old bad sunburn, a sunburn that had occurred 5 or 6 days ago. By morning it had all but disappeared, and I had a new champion – my friend, Sol.

Sol can be taken the sun.

Since this experiment I have given myself and my kids Sol every summer. Don’t get me wrong, I still play it as sun-safe as possible, but having extended time in the sun is such a win for myself and my family as a whole.

This year I have made it through without a burn at all thanks to my Sol, my beach shade tent, Atzen 50+ SPF and a big shady hat. Success! Recently, my mother and I took the kids to the beach. The boys and I had taken Sol but my mother had not. Later her back had been sunburnt yet the boys and I had only gained some bronzed colour to our skin.

So remember:

  • Slip!

    Slip some Sol into your mouth

  • Slop!

    Slop on your Atzen Sunscreen

  • Slap!

    Slap on a T-Shirt or slap up a Beach Shelter

Sol may also be a good remedy if you’ve never been well since a great sunburn – talk to one of us if this is you and you want to know more.

Happy summer-loving!