A plethora of sore throats and mild colds

T his week in my clinic I have seen a flurry of sore throats, mild colds and autumn flus coming in for treatment. This is the school holidays of course and children can be run down and tired at the end of term time. Also it is a very mild Autumn here in Auckland but the nights can be chilly at times. Often the change of season and the sudden change of temperatures can predispose you to a sudden chill.

Colds treated at the first signs of unwellness with homeopathy, are often milder and shorter in duration. If you get the right remedy there is often less chance of it heading to the chest and sometimes you can prevent it from developing totally.

There are several remedies to have on hand and these are the ones that seem to be helpful at the moment…

Ferrum phos – This remedy is a must have for all households to have on hand. It is extremely useful when you feel tired and like you are coming down with something but you can’t quite put your finger on any clear symptoms. Your throat may feel not quite right but not exactly sore. This remedy taken quickly and repeated as needed will often stop the development of the cold get you back on track with your health and energy levels.

Belladonna – In a small child, this will often present as a very dry, hot fever that seems to be worse at 3am/pm and the child may have nightmares. The telltale symptoms of a Belladonna fever are glassy/shiny looking eyes, dry heat, and a dusky red face. If they wake at 3am with it, they may not recognize you or seem to be still in their dreamstate. A sore throat may be present. The sore throat will be red and inflamed with throbbing pains and worse for swallowing. It might be worse on the right side. Belladonna is one of the first remedies to consider at home for a sore throat, particularly if it matches these symptoms.

Aconite – A wonderful remedy when the seasons are changing and the kids have been playing too long outside without a jacket as the weather cools, they get chilled and then that night have a fever. The fever may start between 9 and 11pm. May feel very cold during the fever. The patient may be thirsty and restless.


If Flu-like aches and pains are present:

Arsenicum album – Exhaustion and sore throat with a burning characterisitic. May have a thin, clear discharge from the nose that excoriates the upper lip. The child will be restless and worse at night time, specifically the night aggravation is at midnight and just after. May have been some anxiety preceding the onset of the symptoms of the cold. Warm drinks will relieve the pain throat pain which will be burning in nature.

Gelsemium – This is the remedy where you get up in the morning and head off to work or school and by 10am you are starting to feel very tired, achey and low in energy. The eyes will feel like they want to shut and be very heavy and the legs may feel weak and trembly. May have chills going up and down the back. Dizzy and drowsy.

These are some of the main remedies for the first initial stages of colds and flu. There are many others but with these few remedies on hand you will be likely to have some relief quite quickly. Starting with a 30c potency is fine and you can repeat the dose every 15-30 mins for the first 3 doses. If there is no effect within that time then it is not quite the right remedy and you may need to seek the advice of a qualified homeopath. However if it is the right remedy then you will notice an easing of symptoms. As you become aware of the symptoms returning then you can repeat the dose. As you begin to get better, the time between doses should lengthen out. If the symptoms change and no longer respond to the remedy then the next one may be needed.

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