3 Ways A Healing Haven Homeopath Supports Your Health Naturally When You Have Never Been Well Since An Illness

Our homeopaths love to support your health naturally using homeopathy. Have you Never Been Well Since (NBWS) an illness and are looking for homeopathic support?

An observational study at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital included over 6,500 consecutive patients with over 23,000 attendances in a six-year period; [1] 70% of follow-up patients reported improved health, 50% major improvementThe largest improvements were reported in childhood eczema or asthma, and in inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, menopausal problems and migraine.

If 'never been well since' symptoms are not addressed by an expert homeopath then it is likely that health will continue to slowly deteriorate. The use of strong medications that suppress symptoms will only lead to the emergence of disease elsewhere in the body. Addressing the presenting symptom but failing to take into account the root cause will ultimately weaken the body.
When you see a Healing Haven homeopath, someone who is passionate about supporting health naturally with homeopathy, you can rest assured that we will be taking into account all your symptoms including the root cause.
Our homeopaths are fully qualified to support your health naturally using gentle homeopathy. They will manage your symptom picture on your journey towards improved wellbeing.
I cringe when people rely solely on over the counter recommendations of homeopathy. This is a band-aid to symptoms without understanding the depth of constitutional care.
Lee-Anne McCall

Keep reading to discover 3 ways a Healing Haven homeopath supports your health naturally. If you've never been well since an illness our homeopaths will dig deep into your entire symptom picture to find out how we can support your constitutional health in the best way.

1. Sleep Symptoms

Healthy woman sleeping well

The body shows what it needs in subconscious symptoms. This is very clear in sleep symptoms. A Healing Haven homeopath is interested in all aspects of your sleep.
At first clients may not understand the importance of giving clear sleep symptoms. The sleep symptoms are clear indicators for certain remedies. Particularly if they have changed since being ill. I love it when clients have tracked their sleep using Oura rings or sleep trackers as it can give useful data.
Our homeopaths can gather the data that they need from you by exploring your sleep patterns. They will want to know if you wake through the night. If you do, the times that you wake regularly will be important.
Whether you can get back to sleep or not is also important. This includes how long you may be sleepless for. Thoughts that appear if you are having difficulty falling asleep are also important.
The themes of your dreams are also indicators for groups of remedies. Even your sleep position that you prefer is helpful. Are you a hot sleeper? This will also show groups of remedies more relevant to your case.
The remedy given by a Healing Haven homeopath must match the sleep symptoms for best effect. Improved sleep is an indicator that we are looking out for when we assess the action of the remedy given.

2.Energy Levels

Lower energy levels in working woman

Your energy levels are of great interest to a Healing Haven homeopath. If you have been never well since an illness or stressful event, energy levels are often reduced.
We will want to know what time of the day your energy is at it's lowest. Some of my clients will come alive at night after having subpar energy all day.
When I enquire about how the tiredness feels in their body, my clients often say that it is behind the eyes. Others will tell me the whole body feels exhausted. Some will tell me that the mind is foggy and unable to think clearly.
And others will tell me that their limbs feel heavy or their neck weak, making it difficult to hold up their head.
Lack of concentration and the ability to mentally focus is another key symptom. A Healing Haven homeopath will want to match the homeopathic remedy to the exact presentation. Do you need to re-read what you just read because you didn't take it in at all? Is the mind wandering so much that you can't get through the paragraph?
Our homeopaths will match the remedies to your energy and mental alertness symptoms. We will assess the success of the remedy prescription on these factors at your follow up.

3. Digestive Health

Healthy woman supporting digestion with smoothie

The digestive system is teeming with life. There are many different microbes and scientists are still discovering more. A Healing Haven Homeopath will assess your digestive symptoms during a consultation. They need to know how they may have changed since never being well since an illness.
The digestive system runs from the mouth to the anus. It includes the liver and gallbladder functioning. A Healing Haven Homeopath will want to know about any imbalance. The tongue is very interesting in homeopathy.
Tongue symptoms can include the color of the tongue and it's different parts. Our homeopaths will want to know if it is coated, colored or furry and what part of the tongue is affected. Some clients will come in with a mapped tongue. A mapped is where there are patches on it that make it look like a map of the world!
The digestive symptoms are integral to finding the remedy for natural health support. Your food desires and aversions will provide good information for us to find a remedy. Sensations of discomfort in the stomach or abdomen and the nature of the pain will be asked about. Excessive flatulence or burping can point to remedies.
Your constitutional follow up consultation is where our homeopaths will be assessing changes. They are looking for improvement of the whole digestive tract to assess the effect of the remedy.

 Next Steps

These are three of the most important ways that we assess what remedy to use to support your health naturally. We also use these symptoms as a measure of improvement of health after the remedy is given.
If you would like to support your health naturally with homeopathy then take this next step. Fill out our contact form below. Our customer service team will get back to you promptly. We will book you in for a free 30 min Orientation Consultation with Lee-Anne McCall.
Our Orientation Consultation will give Lee-Anne an overview of your case. She will advise you on what to expect while working with a Healing Haven homeopath.
Lee-Anne will also match you to the best homeopath on our team for your case.
We look forward to hearing from you!

[1]Spence DS, Thompson EA, Barron SJ. Homeopathic treatment for chronic disease: a 6-year, university-hospital outpatient observational study. J Altern Complement Med. 2005 Oct;11(5):793-8. doi: 10.1089/acm.2005.11.793. PMID: 16296912.

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