Female opening a gift

3 Gifts Gained During 2016

I have seen so many people complaining on Social Media about how hard 2016 was. For me, it was a gift. Sure, I had the odd challenge here and there but I thrived and feel like I’m hitting the ground running for 2017. Here are the gifts that I’ve received from 2016 both professionally and personally.

1. The Importance of Nurturing the Physical Body

Personally: I discovered that I have been suffering from Pernicious Anemia. It is likely to have plagued me for most of my life. Pernicious Anemia is an inability to absorb B12 and iron. I perfected my supplementation and my levels of these nutrients started rising. It was like a revelation to me as my energy levels increased. I had been struggling for so long while not understanding why I was so exhausted.

I will be getting a yearly blood panel done so I can keep an eye on my physical functioning in great detail.

It was fascinating for me to watch what presented themselves as my levels of B12 and iron rose. My body began to show up mild versions of old illnesses such as bronchitis and kidney infections. These illnesses were remnants from childhood. The body is amazing. If you give it the right tools, it can show you exactly what it needs as it begins to heal itself.

Professionally: My clinical practice has reflected this. There has been a greater exploration of bacterial nosodes. These are the remedies made from diseases or disease discharges. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi influence the functioning of the mind and emotions. See my past blog post here. Indeed, science is confirming the effects of our microbiome on the mental state. This makes the nosodes an important group of remedies when prescribing constitutionally.

In homeopathy, there is a big difference between acute and constitutional prescribing. It’s like the difference between sowing seeds and completely digging up your garden.

The difference becomes even wider between basic constitutional prescribing and complex miasmatic prescribing. Let’s continue our analogy of gardening. In complex miasmatic prescribing, you must completely dig up the garden. Then you must also practice permaculture and biodynamics to recreate the microbiome of the soil itself. Last, we must clear it of any past influences from the last few hundred years. It can be a massive task.

The bacterial nosodes of homeopathy assume a role of paramount importance. This year, I learned some new ones and also new applications of how some of the familiar ones can work. An example is Bacillinum. This is the remedy made from a human lung with tuberculosis. The remedy also contains streptococcus and staphylococcus. It is so powerful at strengthening the lungs. I only needed a few doses to clear my old infections.

Previous infections treated via antibiotics can still be influencing one’s health.

2. The Importance of Being Selfish – Nourishing Oneself

I also needed to start rebuilding my muscle strength. I had been leading quite a sedentary lifestyle while building my business over the last 12 years. A homeopaths job by its very nature is mental, not physical and requires long hours at a desk or in the clinic.

2016 was the year that I finally decided I was worth more. I joined a yoga studio to begin strengthening my body and to nourish my spirit. I don’t know why I never allowed myself this small luxury before. Practicing yoga has always been one of my greatest joys. Yoga keeps me connected to my soul and embodying the vibration of love on and off my mat.

Nourishing myself on every level has had an unexpected consequence. The more I am connected spiritually on all levels, the busier I became in my clinic. I was able to maintain the balance in my family life while coping with the increased clientele.

As a business person, a mother and a therapist, yoga has become a necessity rather than a luxury.

3. The Ability To Manifest Effortlessly

This is the ability to let go of the need to control outcomes while holding my intent on my aspirations. If I ask my Self the right questions along the way, it leads to the resources I need falling into my lap. It’s quite amazing! There were many situations like that this year. They ranged from manifesting a brand new car, through to new staff members coming to my attention.

When I can hold myself in love not fear, more things than I can imagine are able to present themselves. The way that they present themselves is often not in a way that I could have affected no matter how I may have tried.

Making the decision earlier in the year to love and value me, made these things possible. I’d like to say that this came from a place of wisdom. It actually came from a place of realizing that I couldn’t carry on like this as my health was breaking down.

Pain can be a great motivator. If my health had not begun to suffer I would not have been forced to address my underlying patterns of dysfunction. I am so pleased I did because at the end of 2016 I am much stronger than when I began.

Isn’t that what we should be aiming for each year? To be better than when we started?

As I embark on 2017, I have energy and clarity in mind and body. I am reinvigorated to continue to achieve my long-held goals that shape my path before me. I am inspired and nourished on all levels and so the way forward is clear.

If you don’t already, please find space to love and nourish yourself on all levels in 2017. You will be pleased that you did!