Melissa Wilkinson | Ellerslie, Auckland

Student Homeopath Third Year
Melissa Wilkinson - Homeopathic Student

As a young adult, I was covered head to toe in severe eczema. I had various other complaints but It was the extreme embarrassment and discomfort that I sought relief from.

I suffered from depression and because of my health and mental state, I couldn’t even hold down a job. At age 10 my sister had taken me to a homeopath. With one remedy my eczema was virtually nonexistent up until age 16. So as an adult this lead me to try homeopathy again. That is when my journey with health and well-being began.

Homeopathy Did The Most For My Health

Nutrition and exercise are all important aspects when it comes to health. but it’s homeopathy that has given me my long term results. Homeopathy has helped me get my hormones balanced. I have lost weight and keep it off. It has eased allergy responses and dramatically improved my energy levels.

As homeopathy helped me so much in so many different ways I am forever grateful. I am so passionate about what homeopathy can do for people, So 3 years ago I began studying to become a homeopath.

I had already gone on a big journey to improve my health, but becoming a student of homeopathy has grown me further.
On the path to serve and help others with their life and health you must first deal with all things in your own back yard. Through my journey of self-development, I have gained knowledge and many tools. I feel this gives me a great deal to offer others.

I believe that being mentally balanced as well as symptom-free is what true health is. If your not right on the inside, your life on the outside will reflect that. So I’m grateful that my job is helping people get to that place in life. Nothing is more exciting than hearing about a client doing well on a homeopathic remedy.

If your feeling good on the inside, your life on the outside will reflect thatMelissa Wilkinson

Helping People Find Their Direction With Homeopathy

I’m drawn to work with people who are wanting a little bit of direction in life. I was once feeling lost and homeopathy helped me find direction and purpose. So I have seen first hand how homeopathy can work in this way. The direction in life can mean so many different things. Someone wanting a job that they are excited about but do not know what they are passionate about yet. Another person might be wanting to transition from being a stay at home mum into something new. This could be wanting to find a part-time job or a hobby just for her. Wanting direction can even be as simple as finding out who you are, getting clarity on what you want. while also making your life as joyful as possible. Not only that but finding relief from any physical issues. Physical issues that maybe getting in the way of living into your true potential. I am also wanting to work with children and mothers. It is profound seeing children get a head start in life by bringing their health into balance at such a young age. While also helping a new mother find her feet at this new stage of her life.

While being a student I enjoyed treating my friends and family. I have been a client of Lee Annes for several years and I am so grateful to now be working with her. I am excited to learn from her with her many years of experience.