Megan Porter | Ellerslie, Auckland

Homeopath – BHSc Hom (AUS)

At the age of 21, I returned home to Australia after 3 years of traveling through the UK, Europe, and Asia. I had terrible acne, a painful cyst, regular headaches and chronic hay fever. I was not having a good time! I felt sad, lost, scared, self-conscious and lacking confidence. Well, at least in my ability to do anything other than travel the world on a shoestring! To top it off, I had no connection to my natural rhythm as a woman.

I tried various forms of medication and even had surgery three times. But I was still getting no lasting results. I was feeling hopeless. It was completely by chance that I discovered homeopathy. The first thing I noticed on homeopathic treatment was a sense of lightness. The heavy black cloud of sadness that I had felt since childhood was being lifted. At this point in my treatment (a couple of months) I wasn’t even worried about my acne or cyst anymore. I was too overcome with relief from having such an emotional weight lifted from my shoulders.

A whole new world

A whole new world of empowerment, creativity, and joy opened up for me.
My existing relationships became more authentic and I found my “tribe”. I instinctively started making healthier lifestyle choices. Over then years homeopathy has supported me to do so many things that were way outside my comfort zone. Things such as running a marathon, surfing, public speaking and starting a business. If you had of known me growing up you would have never believed I did any of these.

A few more months into my treatment, I was traveling in India when my cyst disappeared never to return. I was also enlightened about the underlying emotional cause of my cyst. Very empowering information to learn from and move forward in life with! My acne soon completely cleared up and my confidence kept growing. My once daily hay fever only now pops up as a sign that I am not looking after myself well enough. I listen to these signs now and give my body, mind, and soul what it needs to recharge.

“If you can educate a woman, you educate a nation”. South African Deputy President

I agree with this quote completely. I am passionate about empowering women with the knowledge for a healthy life. Which is not only about keeping your organs ticking over. It is about living a fulfilling physical, mental, emotional and spiritual existence.

Homeopathic treatment did not take my fears away, but it did give me the courage to face them. The more I proved my fears wrong, the more empowered I felt.
And that word ‘empowered’ is the most important way to feel when it comes to your health and wellbeing.

Time to give back

The profundity of my experience with homeopathy got me thinking. I knew there must be so many people like me needing an alternative solution to their health problems. So I enrolled in a Bachelor of Health Science degree majoring in Homeopathy. I gained my degree through Endeavour College of Natural Health in Brisbane. I figured if it took me 21 years before I heard the word ‘homeopathy’, then the world needed more homeopaths!

In March 2017 I summoned my courage (thanks, homeopathy!) to move by myself from the Gold Coast to beautiful Auckland. I am here to combine forces with amazing homeopaths who share my vision. I am so excited to share our skills and knowledge to help people feel truly healthy!