How Can Homeopathy Support You?

The system of homeopathy can be used to support your wellbeing during health and during times of stress. It is unmatched for it’s ability to support your natural well being during times of mental and emotional stress. A well prescribed remedy may help to support a person as they address issues from the past. As your natural wellbeing is supported, old patterns of responding to stress may begin to change. Homeopathic remedies in the correct potency and repetition may also help to strengthen our inherited weak points and support our own body’s natural functioning defence systems.

Short Term Support

Homeopathy may help to support the person’s wellbeing during their journey towards health.

Homeopathic remedies may provide support for your body’s natural responses to a wide spectrum of life’s short term ailments and injuries.

For the purposes of booking a consultation with us, it is important to know the difference between our acute or chronic consultations. An acute consultation is required when you need some support for something that has recently become a concern. It may resolve itself but you may also desire some quick support for your body’s natural defence system.

A chronic consultation is required for anything that you wish to discuss with us that has continued over a long period of time. Sometimes long term complaints will have acute flare ups but the underlying complaint still exists and tends to either remain unchanged in it’s nature or slowly worsen.

In an acute consultation, the homeopath will take the physical symptoms down in great detail. They will want to know everything about what you are experiencing. they will take into account your mood since the acute started; are you tired, irritable, weepy or anxious? All of these symptoms the homeopath will consider before settling on the best homeopathic remedy for you, as homeopathy is thoroughly individualised for each person.

If the remedy the homeopath has decided on is accurate then the person will feel very quickly an improvement in their mental/emotional state. If a child is feeling weepy and clingy, then after a dose of their remedy you will likely see them start to move away from mum and begin to brighten up. Their natural wellbeing is supported. The person may also start to feel very relaxed and sleepy. That is a good indicator of a deep response and quite a common result after having a good remedy.

An acute consultation offers us the opportunity to work quickly and deeply into the constitution.

Constitutional Homeopathic Support

A chronic, long term complaint is often a many layered condition when looked at from a homeopathic perspective. To find a remedy that best fits the ‘constitution’ or the whole of the person a homeopath must take into account several different factors:

These will be noted down in great detail and includes all the systems of the body, not just the symptoms that are presenting with the chronic condition. Your homeopath is even likely to want to know food desires and aversions as well as sleep patterns.
Any worries or anxieties are also noted down although more important to the homeopath, is finding the clients own unique response to stress. Sometimes we can find ourselves stuck in certain thought patterns or behaviours that may also be contributing to our health problems. These responses may have developed from childhood and most likely are no longer serving us as adults but can be difficult to break. Constitutionally a homeopathic remedy may help us to have insights about this thus enabling us to let go and change how we respond to events and people in the future.
The significant events in one’s life can impact on choosing the constitutional remedy. Sometimes there are obstacles to improvement in one’s timeline which need to be addressed first homeopathically before the constitutional can be given. These are such events as huge fright, shock, grief or trauma.
The homeopath will often take into consideration your miasmatic inheritance as a factor in choosing your remedy. A miasm in homeopathic philosophy is a disease that an ancestor may have had that has led to current generations having common physical diseases or certain mental responses to stress.